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To Primorski Krai have signed a gambling zone

Administration of Primorski Territory intend to force creation of a gambling zone “ Primorski Krai “ the official order about which creation in the end of last week was signed by the head of the government of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. According to officials, potential residents “ it is a lot of, including from - for a boundary “. The seaside businessmen who have packed the game equipment after July, 1st, count on the prompt start of a zone, and here their colleagues from the next regions yet do not plan to become investors, after all expenses for zone arrangement can make to 75 mlrd roubles.

yesterday in administration of Primorski Territory the electronic version of the order of the chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin about creation of a gambling zone " has arrived; Primorski Krai “. As have explained „“ in regional administration, the document has been signed in the end of the past week. The original of the order with the signature of the prime minister for the present has not arrived in administration of Primorski Krai. According to the order, the gambling zone the area about 620 hectares will appear on the city territories Artema (suburb Vladivostok) on the bank of a bay Ant at cape of the Turtle.

we will remind, gambling zones are created in Russia agree FZ Ή244 “ About activity state regulation on the organisation and carrying out of gamblings “ accepted on December, 29th, 2006. All gambling institutions, except bookmaker offices, should be moved to gambling zones, activity of a casino and game halls since July, 1st, 2009 out of gambling zones is forbidden.

to place a gambling zone “ Primorski Krai “ in a bay Ant the federal authorities in January, 2007 were offered by governor Sergey Darkin. In March of last year the head of edge has informed that under new plans the zone will take place on island Russian in Vladivostok. However later in Russian it has been decided to construct Pacific federal university and the largest in the Far East scientifically - the educational centre and officials have again returned to a variant of placing of a gambling zone in a bay Ant.

According to the project, the area of territory of a zone makes an order of 620 hectares and includes fresh lake near to a coastal line. Distance from a gambling zone to the airport of Vladivostok - 23 km, to edge capital - 70 km. As have informed in a press - service of administration of Primorski Krai, “ erection of 3-5 multipurpose entertainment complexes of world level " is provided;. In them it will be placed 5-7 thousand hotel rooms, to 1200 game tables and to 5000 slot machines. It is planned to construct a conference - the centre, expocentre and trading - an entertainment complex which will include shops, bars, restaurants, night club, an improving complex. Also in territory of a gambling zone it is planned to place objects of recreational appointment.

as the main adviser of department of state regulation of activity concerning the organisation of carrying out of gamblings of department of licensing and regulation of relations in sphere of the consumer market of administration of Primorski Krai Michael Piskun has informed yesterday „“, at an initial stage of creation of a game zone organizational actions, including carrying out of competitions on any performance of works are necessary many. One of the basic stages - competition for choice the designer of a gambling zone. Also it is necessary one of two sites allocated under a zone to translate from the agricultural purpose earths in the industrial. “ all not so quickly as we would like:„ Azov - city “ only has started to be under construction, though the decision about zone creation has been signed one year ago. On Altai where „the Siberian coin“ is created, will just expose the earth on the auctions “ - mister Piskun has told. He has noticed that seaside administration “ intend to force events “. “ the Governor (Sergey Darkin. - „“) to us will not give to descent. Now even nobody goes to holidays - time very strained, it is necessary great volume of work “ - the official has explained.

by estimations of seaside officials, on building of an infrastructure of the project and road from the airport of Vladivostok in bay area Ant it is required 15 mlrd rbl. of budgetary funds. The total amount of private investments into zone creation is estimated in 75 mlrd rbl. In administration „“ have informed that “ it is a lot of interested persons, including from - for a boundary “. “ We carried out hearings last year, there are very interesting offers “ - Michael Piskun has noted, however to name potential residents of a zone has refused. “ the information becomes opened after the auctions “ - it ascertained.

the general director of a group of companies “ the Seventh continent “ (the participant of the market largest in Primorski Krai who posessed 2 casinos and 43 game halls with 2798 automatic machines. - „“) Alexander Gradulenko declared earlier that the group is ready to participate in the project on building of a gambling zone.

differently participants of the market concern the project from the next regions. “ even if the state will lay communications, it is necessary for us vbuhat huge money: to be constructed, get off, involve the personnel. We studied last question: those people who represent for us interest - family, settled in Khabarovsk, them you will not shift. As a result we have decided to wait and learn on another`s errors of those colleagues which intend to be got involved by the first in the project “ - has told „“ wished to remain not named the representative of the Khabarovsk company before holding a casino.