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The TIGER has received the status

Management of the Ministry of Justice across Primorski Territory has registered as public organisation movement the TIGER (Association of initiative citizens). Earlier to the movement which has acted as the initiator of a series of mass antigovernmental actions in Primorski Krai, refused registration three times. The basic political opponent the TIGER sees party “ an United Russia “ and the first showdown intend to pass on forthcoming by-election in a thought of Vladivostok on October, 11th, having supported a nominee of one of the active workers. Seaside politicians sceptically estimate prospects of new public organisation.

yesterday a member of coordination council of movement the TIGER Alexander Barashkov has informed „“ that “ from the fourth attempt the organisation has undergone procedure of official registration “. The Deputy chief of department on affairs of the noncommercial organisations of management of Ministry of Justice across Primorski Krai Alexander Ilyin has confirmed this information. Movement is registered under the name “ Seaside remedial regional public organisation „Association of initiative citizens of region“ (PPROO the TIGER) “. The purpose of new official structure is construction of a civil society.

earlier management of Ministry of Justice three times - in April, May and July - refused to movement registration, motivating it with that the presented documents do not correspond to requirements FZ “ About public associations “. A member of coordination council of the TIGER Maxim Vedenev, making comments on regular refusals in registration, declared that they are caused by political grounds - “ the power does not wish, that oppositional movement has received the official status “. Nevertheless to achieve registration in a judicial order to active workers of the TIGER it was not necessary.

Mister Vedenev has explained necessity of official registration of movement to that “ Together with the status of the legal person the TIGER will have an opportunity to direct official inquiries to authorities and to achieve the right to carrying out of independent public actions “. Till now the TIGER has been compelled to spend the majority of the actions together with the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, but the union with communists pushes away many supporters of the TIGER. “ we the independent organisation also do not want to resemble a youth wing of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation “ - mister Barashkov has told yesterday.

the main political opponent for the TIGER is the party “ an United Russia “. “ Our primary goal - to achieve the maximum decrease in number of United Russia party members in authorities. With that end in view we plan to participate actively in elective campaigns “ - Alexander Barashkov has explained. In the beginning of September active workers of the TIGER intend suit a new protest action against prolongation of periods of validity of the governmental order raising the taxes on import of foreign cars. And on by-election in a thought of Vladivostok on October, 11th (will pass on district Ή 6) the coordination council of the TIGER will support Alexander Barashkova`s nominee which as the self-promoted worker has already submitted documents on registration to municipal electoral committee.

seaside politicians and experts sceptically estimate prospects of the TIGER. “ this populist movement which cannot offer anything constructive. We suggested them to take part on the platform in discussion on development of anti-recessionary measures. They have refused. The serious program at them is not present. The only thing that they can - to rustle in streets “ - considers and. An island of the secretary of regional political council “ an United Russia “ Michael Veselov. The head of fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in Legislative Assembly of Primorski Krai Vladimir Bespalov pays attention that “ in movement the TIGER exists some currents and grouping of Lambs-vedenev represents only one them “. “ These people any more do not conduct for a long time active protest activity. Other “tigers“ who co-operate with us actively work. One of them, Artema Samsonov, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation puts forward on by-election in a thought of Vladivostok “ - mister Bespalov has informed. “ further someone will leave supporters of the TIGER to us, someone in general will depart from a policy, and someone will co-operate with the party in power “ - the communist doubts viability of new public organisation. And political scientist Peter Hanas believes that “ the automobile subjects on which the TIGER has risen, are not so actual “. “ I Think that in a new political season they will deal with more local problems which dare at level of the governor and the mayor “ - mister Hanas speaks. He yet does not see preconditions for new mass protest actions in Primorski Krai the TIGER could become which initiator.

the Movement the TIGER which was arising in Primorski Krai on a wave of indignation by the governmental order about increase of duties on imported foreign cars and originally were only association of participants of autoforums on the Internet, became the organizer of several mass protest actions. One of them, on December, 21st in Vladivostok, has been rigidly dispersed situated near Moscow spetsotrjadom the Ministry of Internal Affairs “ the Bison “. From economic slogans - cancellations of increase of duties, active workers of the TIGER have passed to political and government resignation have demanded. On the antigovernmental demonstrations organised in capital of Primorski Krai by the TIGER together with the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on January, 31st, left 2,5 thousand, and on March, 15th - 1 thousand persons. However gradually movement actions began to lose in mass character - on the next meeting of the protest which has taken place on May, 16th in Vladivostok, instead of declared by organizers from 3 to 15 thousand persons, took part no more than 400.