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Pittsburg has passed dry

Pittsburg Pingvins amazingly easily left in the cup-final of Stanley second successively. Its semifinal series against Carolina Harrikejns has lasted only four matches. Yesterday in the fourth Pittsburg even in spite of the fact that its leader Evgenie Malkin has not typed any point, has crushed Carolina on its platform - 4:1.
Last ray of hope before Carolina began to dawn in one and a half minute after the beginning of a yesterday`s match. Its leader Eric Stal has left from - for a collar and has literally delivered a washer in a grid. Pitsburgsky goalkeeper Mark - Andre Fleri, thus, has passed the first throw of owners - and those, probably, even have thought that at last - that good luck will be on their party.

hockey players Carolina did not guess that good luck in the form of Eric Stala`s goal has simply sent them a farewell kiss. That Fleri following three ten the throws which have got an alignment of its collar, will reflect, though among them were also such, it was necessary what to reflect, falling on ice and moving on a stomach from one corner to another. And still they did not guess that now will carry exclusively to Pittsburg .

Visitors have recouped in the middle of the starting period. Phillip Bush in general - that has powerfully clicked in a direction of gate. But the washer so left, has pleased precisely on a hook of a stick of the forward who has hidden at a rack Pingvins Ruslana Fedotenko. Instead of a throw the ideal pass which into a goal would be transformed even by the five years` child has turned out.

and in the end of the period Pittsburg has thrown absolutely a funny washer. Maxim Talbo has rushed into another`s zone. Before it the Russian defender " has settled down; Carolina Anton Babchuk who from - for traumas has passed first three meetings of a series. After a match the trainer Harrikejns The floor of Moris, probably, has thought that would not let out it on ice and in the fourth is better. In general Talbo has put simple kistevoj a throw, which to the goalkeeper Carolina Kemu Ward cannot beat off, if the fad which has not come to be on its trajectory of Babchuka. A washer, having knocked about it, has flown up upwards and parashjutikom has jumped through hardly Ward rolled out forward.

in the second period Carolina owned advantage, but to sense from it has not taken. And one counterattack of the contender has gaped. And again Babchuk who has presented a washer " became the antihero of an episode; to Pittsburg at another`s dark blue line. Bill Gerin by means of Sidni of Crosby realised an exit two in one.

Pingvins has finished Carolina before a final siren, when Krejg Adams from transfer of the same Crosby (the Canadian was made even to Evgenie Malkin in bombardirskoj to race play - off: At both became on 28 points) has amazed empty gate. And North American statisticans have there and then found out many the curious things connected with this so quickly come to the end series.

for example, it the first, lost Carolina dry for 20 years: in its 1989 - still based in other city and called Hartford Uejlers - so has crushed Montreal Kanadiens . And last command to Pittsburg to which managed to reach the final successively twice, was Nju - Dzhersi Devils . Its achievement is dated 2001.

and here club which has lost, as Pittsburg Stanley`s cup-final, again to get there in a following season last time has managed davnym - for a long time. Speech about Edmonton Ojlers conceded in a solving series in 1983 - m New York Ajlenders and then taken from it a revenge. By the way, to Pittsburg Probably, too it is necessary to play in the second ending with the same contender to whom he has lost in the first. Detroit Red Uings yesterday late led houses the fifth match of the semi-final with " at night; Chicago Blekhoks in which conducted - 3:1.