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Conscription of the soldier who has run away to Georgia is recognised by lawful

the Main military Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation on May, 27th recognised as lawful an appeal on military service of the younger sergeant Alexander Gluhov who has run away in January from an arrangement of a part and the asked political asylum in Georgia. Earlier in its relation criminal case upon desertion has been brought.
a press - the department service has informed that the Main military Office of Public Prosecutor finishes check of legality of an appeal on Gluhov Alexander Mihajlovicha`s military service by which results it is established that the decision of the invocatory commission on its appeal on military service is lawful and proved, the bases for acceptance of measures of public prosecutor`s reaction are not available .

we Will remind, Alexander Gluhov served in one of the military units deployed in Ahalgorsky area of South Ossetia. On January, 26th it has passed to territory of Georgia. After that he has declared that has run away from an arrangement of the part from - for intolerable conditions and oppressions, and has asked for the president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili of a political asylum.

the Russian military men have counted messages on Gluhov`s desertion by provocation and have declared that it has been stolen by the Georgian special services. Subsequently throughout some time of the sergeant urged to return to Russia and dosluzhit the put term without sanctions for runaway. After Alexander Gluhov`s refusal to return, in its relation criminal case under item 338 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (desertion) has been brought.

on April, 29th the inquiry of the State Office of Public Prosecutor has been directed to Georgia about Gluhov`s extradition. However even after criminal case excitation, the Georgian party has declared impossibility of its transfer of Russia as in its relation the question on political asylum granting is considered.