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Victor Zubkov has estimated scale of epidemic of a pork flu

the First vitse - the prime minister of the Russian Federation Victor Zubkov has declared on May, 27th that the peak of diseases And/ H1N1 is on a global scale passed by a flu. He has noticed that the situation is in Russia under control, and any special measures for illness prevention it is not required.
At session of the commission on the prevention of delivery and distribution in territory of the country of the diseases caused vysokopatogennym by a virus of a flu Victor Zubkov has informed that judging by the presented statistics, the peak of case of flu is passed, including in the countries recognised unsuccessful on this disease, single instances infitsirovanija " are fixed;. By words vitse - a premiere the situation is in Russia under control. The official has noticed that thanks to work of physicians and supervising services the population is out of danger, and in acceptance of special measures there is no necessity.

At the same time the Federal customs service (FTS) has informed on strengthening of control over import and entrance of citizens from the countries where cases of disease by a flu And/ H1N1 are registered. FTS has noticed that the number of such countries includes the USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Dominican republic, Colombia, Kosta - Rika, Cuba, Nicaragua, Panama and El Salvador.

we will remind, in territory of Russia two diseases by a pork flu are at present confirmed. The first case has been registered on May, 22nd. Arrived of New York to relatives the citizen some days have spent in situated near Moscow Zhukovsky, and then have ailed and have addressed for the help. The patient has been hospitalised in 1 - ju clinical infectious hospital. The second ill with pork flu A/ H1N1 has appeared on May, 25th. It has appeared it 24 - the summer inhabitant of Kaluga who has come back from a honeymoon trip across Dominican republic. Doctors estimate its condition as satisfactory.

the Pork flu - vysokozaraznoe sharp respiratory disease, is opened in 1931 the American scientist Richard Shoupom. Concerns type And (the most widespread type of a flu causing the most scale epidemics). Extends air - a drop way. Symptoms: high temperature, heat, a fever. Earlier was considered that the virus is not transferred from animals to the person, therefore people do not have immunity to A/ H1N1. Thus scientists specified in possibility of a mutation of the given virus from it adaptation to a human body that can threaten with occurrence of epidemic of planetary scale - pandemics.