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And where those who have not got out ?
Have got out/ Natalia Radulova, N 3
I liked this selection of sensible decisions of concrete people. But crisis is represented to me decided, artificial. Round work a plenty, from - for a lack rabsily involve guest workers, and has there and then happened... Unemployment. At the Soviet power to this crisis in the West if only laughed. It seems to me that lately have got skilled at to live smartly not on earned and as speak, on a freebie, on combinations in the spirit of great kombinatora. But so long could not proceed, and has begun lomka . The resulted happy overcoming the crisis a small consolation, but nevertheless... In the following number I suggest to place a selection have not got out - about a difficult situation of families, about critical cases. I think, materials for such selection will be enough.

to Occupy the First-born debt from itself/ Elena Vlasenko, N 3
Who old will remember, to that of an eye down with, and to the one who will forget, - two. As - that already also is not present even memoirs how in 1991 the state - any more the USSR, and Russia - has depreciated population savings. This fact later has been recognised by the state, only not in full. And that unfair recognition heavy moral cargo lies on conscience of the Russian state. And when we speak about 30 percent of debts from gross national product, it is necessary to remember that first-born Russian debt.

such not vpervoj in Russia, and whether here was similar in the West, something did not hear. Perhaps therefore at them 300, and even 350 percent from gross national product that they do not forget old debts and always them remember, unlike us. It, so to say, to a word.

now about the idea of release of papers of the State internal loan. This business, undoubtedly, necessary and useful. And, certainly, explanations of the first persons of the state that there will be no more that happens with loans in the USSR and from state credit obligations in Russia are necessary. The trust of the population should be earned. Here it would be quite good, if these securities were in use and in Russia, and abroad. It as an additional guarantee that papers will not be gone in result of the next change of the power.

how long Russians will be discharged of the financial market? Why it is enough effective remedy of savings of accumulation till now for us it is inaccessible? Without savings the person that a fuzz on a wind. Perhaps therefore we such and inactive, what behind soul not a stiver have no?

fair was

Two years of work - and it on bentli / Vsevolod Belchenko, N 3
Anyway - open enough and fair interview. Perhaps something in our country also will exchange. We will hope...

the New theme

Russian ordinary Americas/ Cyril Beljaninov, N 3
the Excellent material: the new, interesting theme, clear, without kudrjavostej, a statement. Thanks.

new Pugachevoj will not be

Search for the woman/ the main theme, N 2
and Rotaru it is impossible to compare Pugachevu... They are singers of one epoch, with the magnificent vocal data and hearing. Everyone has admirers and a special, unique manner of execution. They are equivalent. This the first. The second, as to the listed persons, most of all chances of success at Lolita: its versatile vocal which it showed time and again on television, its last songs which occupied tops a hit - parades, internal potential, the actor`s data, not ordinary appearance, some nervous impulse - all it is shown by good applicants for the first places. She is born to sing... The only thing - it should cease epatirovat public jumps, a raising of feet, too short dresses and etc. And the third: Valery - perfektsionistka, all is accurate, is verified and dosed out. There is no power. Will not pull on the first and national . Maxim - without a voice. Sviridov - an unpleasant timbre what that monotonous that speaks besides about absence of the vocal data, Zemfira - on the fan.

one more our answer

Palenaja truth/ Vladimir Tikhomirov, N 2
Is remembered, kuzkinu mother wanted to show not only to foreign historians, but also local pravozashchitnichkam. In January of last year have created the Russian noncommercial fund democracy and cooperation Institute which should monitorit observance of human rights and democratic freedom of century. The USA and Europe. And why, as a matter of fact, also is not present? As it was informed, the fund was headed by lawyer Anatoly Kucherena. And to supervise over its two branches in New York and Paris have sent there were professors of MGIMO Andranika Migranjana and the president of Fund of historical prospect Natalia Narochnitsky.

Has passed a few time, but about this widely advertised our answer to Chamberlain already all rather have forgotten partially (where fund reports?) . And misters - legal experts have disappeared from an information field. As will be and with the notorious historical commission.

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