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London - the second house for hundreds Russian rich men. That now occurs to their habitation: crisis sejl, and can, they began to buy even more?
in the report of the National building society published in the end of May it is noticed that habitation cost in Britain in May, 2009 has fallen on the average to 11,3 percent in comparison with May of last year. Now the average price of the house in the country makes 154 thousand pounds. In some areas of London in a segment of elite habitation falling of the prices for the last year has made to 30 percent.

is, truth, the prestigious enclaves (areas of Chelsea, Kensingtona, Belgravii, Mejfera) where liquid a prime - the habitation in cost in ten millions pounds not only has not gone down in price, but remains in deficiency. And the prices for elite real estate around Westminster in the spring of 2009 even have grown for 12 percent. So wreck of the market of real estate in London as experts in the end of the last year predicted, has not occurred. That fact that with the economic crisis beginning the Russian oligarchs have practically stopped to buy superexpensive habitation in the British capital, has affected only falling of obviously inflated prices of it - the market was peregret.

However, Russian never were the main buyers of such habitation in London. It was bought stably by Arabs, Indians and Chineses. And Russian were not more active at all than Arabs. And with pound easing (for 30 percent in comparison with the beginning of 2008) on the British market of real estate investors from Europe and Americas holding the actives in euro and dollars have directed. By data rieltorskogo agencies Property Vision, lately interest from buyers to the London real estate has grown from the USA for 25 percent, demand has increased also from the Chinese clients who, according to agency, can take a place of Russians. Experts predict stabilisation of the British market of real estate by the end of 2009 and its lifting in the end of 2010. Ambitions of investors are under construction on calculation: having bought the house for 50 - 60 percent of its real cost for euro and dollars now, they in a year can receive 100 - percentage profit.

the London market of elite habitation has conceded now superiority to a princedom of Monaco where the square metre in a prime - sector costs 50 thousand euro (in London - 28 thousand euro, in New York - 16,5 thousand). In the May report of the largest London rieltorskogo agency Savills working with elite real estate, there were optimistic notes: Registration of buyers of the London habitation in a prime - sector as a whole has doubled for the last quarter, and that it is even more important, the quantity of perfect transactions has increased to level, not vidannogo since March, 2008 .

In London rieltorskih agencies the rich Russian client has turned to a professional myth. At first rieltory over it frankly laughed. In 2004 - 2006 Russian paid, without bargaining, quite often overpaying one million - another of pounds. Knowing it, in agencies always overestimated for them the prices on 15 - 20 percent. Affected not only market and language ignorance. The inferiority complex peculiar to the first wave of Russian nouveau riches, forced them to prove the financial solvency, buying the most expensive real estate in the most luxurious areas of capital or historical estates and locks. Their behaviour and requirements to real estate considerably differed from behaviour of other foreigners and British. As a rule, Russian refused from vysokolikvidnoj, but real estate demanding repair, insisting on house or apartment delivery on a turn-key basis.

this specificity explained that clients from Russia during that time simply did not know and did not wish to know how to employ builders and repairmen. Them terrified and frightened off low (2,7 metres) ceilings in the majority of modern British houses, from here bent for to palace constructions (now, truth, is changes - buyers began to bargain, conduct independent marketing researches and even to use not only cash, but also a mortgage loan. But thus it is necessary to prove legality of the incomes and to pass check of the credit history in Russia and abroad so go on it infrequently).

Expansion of Russians on the London market of real estate impressed. Only in 2006 they bought up in London 240 houses and apartments in cost over one million pounds. The British capital became a favourite city of the Russian oligarchs. And today number 50 of the richest people of Great Britain includes nine Russians. Has begun to Russian boom in the London market real estate have put Abramovich and Berezovsky.

Roman Abramovich has bought in 2003 the house on luxurious Eton - square for 28 million pounds (40 million dollars), a penthouse in Kensingtone for 36 million pounds and country residence in a county West Sussex for 23 million Boris Berezovsky has got a private residence in Chelsea for 10 million pounds and an estate of Ventvort Istejt in a county Surrey for 20 million Behind them have followed Oleg Deripaska - the house on Belgravia - square 25 million pounds, the co-owner of the oil company of the multinational corporation - VR Leonard Blavatnik - a private residence in Kensingtone behind 41 million pounds, the former head of Foreign trade and investment bank Vladimir Chernuhin - the London building Midland of bank for 72 million pounds.

last purchase of such scale by Russian clients is fixed in July, 2008 - 90 - a room private residence of Uitanherst in area Hajgejt for 50 million pounds (72 million dollars). This biggest private possession in London after the Buckingham palace. And though the agency which has made this transaction is observed by confidentiality, the newspaper Dejli a mail has named the buyer - to the spouse of the Moscow mayor Elena Baturina.

a present situation under the request the Spark the expert rieltorskogo makes comments on agencies Savills Grejs Margolis, at which extensive experience with well-founded Russian clients.

- whether there is a statistics of transactions with Russian clients?

- Conducting such statistics is extremely complicated for two reasons. In - the first, the contract on purchase, as a rule, provides confidentiality - we have not the right to disclose neither the sums of transactions, nor names of buyers. However, the information on it on the channels often is extracted by the press. And the second reason: Russian clients quite often buy real estate not on its own behalf, and on behalf of the company registered in an offshore at which, as a rule, the English name and which original accessory is difficult for defining. In most cases money of Russian clients arrives not from Moscow.

- It is informed that Russian now leave from the London market of real estate. Whether so it?

- I of it would not tell. Superexpensive habitation now began to buy really less often, and not only Russian, but also, for example, Arabs, in which property much more elite London habitation, than from Russian. Russian oligarchs can be understood: the agency of financial news Bloomberg has informed recently that 25 richest Russians have wasted in aggregate during crisis more than 230 mlrd dollars. Nevertheless in our agency now it is a lot of demands for real estate from Russian clients. However the type of required habitation was replaced. This not so superexpensive habitation in a prime - sector which was bought by oligarchs, and habitation in an average price category - approximately in cost in 1 - 3 million pounds. It now actively is bought not by oligarchs, but the Russian millionaires. Probably, it is a question not so much of acquisition of the family house, how many about pure investments when after purchase the house is leased. About this tendency tells also increase in purchases by Russian clients of commercial real estate - apartment houses and the buildings leased to shops or offices. At us now many such buyers from Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, the Baltic countries. At a conclusion of the capital from the country it is much more preferable to invest it in real estate, than to hold in banks which can burst. Notice: anybody from the Russian owners of elite habitation, despite crisis and financial losses, does not sell the London real estate.