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Seven thousand kilometres to Uruguay

the First family of conservatives from Latin America has returned to the Far East - to live. Forty more families
from Primorski Krai gather every year leaves about one percent of the population. It under 20 thousand citizens. Leave who where: on the West to Russia, to Ukraine, to Canada, New Zealand, Australia. There come to Primorski Krai, alas, units. By data on the middle of last year, for example, only eight families (basically from Kirghizia and Kazakhstan) - hardly there are less than two tens persons. They are disappointed, complain: it is necessary to work for the small money, the promised employment have not received. The authorities are afraid that immigrants will not remain sitting, will move down. And here against such desperate hopelessness - as a ray of light: from far Uruguay on the PERMANENT RESIDENCE those whom work does not frighten also who in this severe land have arrived to Primorski Krai has arrived seriously and for a long time.

State immigrants (so name those the few who gets over in edge under the federal program of resettlement of compatriots) a priority put forward one: to be arranged for good work in a civilised place, for example the Find or Vladivostok. And here suggest them to get over in village which does not have bus service even with district, - matter of course, will not go.

It has appeared, is such who will go. If this village - the NATIVE LAND.

some families of conservatives from Latin America have already arrived to Russia, and forty surnames still gather. How it is fast? It depends on how the first will get accustomed.

Vasily Reutov with Alexey Kilinym - an advance party - have arrived here even in the winter, to learn, whether it is possible and to acquire the right to the earth on what conditions and to return home their ancestors in village Lauli. Investigation has gone right. In Krasnoarmeysk area the Uruguayan messengers even have met the distant relatives and relatives of other families of the conservatives still living abroad. As a result Alexey remained to prepare a platform under the big moving, and Vasily has gone behind a family.

for conservatives are native places. Their ancestors have reached Primorski Krai in the end of a XIX-th century and have settled in deaf places where lived udegejtsy. Village Lauli (nowadays Dersu) where there lived conservatives, all in 4 kilometres from the biggest on settlements Imane udegejtsev Sanchiheza (nowadays Island). Lived all right, but the godless Soviet power has reached and here. In 20 - h years those XX-th centuries who could, have left to China, to Manchuria. Then - who to Australia, who to Latin America. And here related threads in the XXI-st century beginning were stretched again between the Russian people divided by great ocean.

train Parking - two minutes
on May, 16th, 2009 at two o`clock in the morning the Trans-Siberian express train on two minutes has braked at small seaside station. It the big family of the conservatives, all three knees - 16 persons returned home in Krasnoarmejsky area. Two minutes with belongings have not kept within. But the conductor of the car ( Rescue you the Lord, a daughter ) Has detained departure.

met arrived the director of national park - reserve Feodor Kronikovsky and the prior of a local temple father Evgenie - - by the church bus.

have arrived to village early in the morning, - remembers Kronikovsky, - It was cold, and I worried, as ours southerners will apprehend natural severity of local places.

- it is good, is not present either flies, or mosquitoes, - the sedate head of family Feodor Savelevich has told.

is now is not present, and in a month will appear, - I have objected, shivering from a cold. - in comparison with the South America warmly here only in the summer.

- and it is good, - he has answered, - mosquitoes will exasperate only in the summer, and in the South America from them there is no rescue all year long. Look, in a court yard the pear, an apple-tree, a bird cherry blossoms - do not freeze .

Whatever one may do, and an act: from Latin America - in a jungle of the Ussuriisk taiga; From tropics, from bananas and cocoes - in places, where in the winter a frost for 30. There planted racers and bull-calves on meat, and will guess now, what crop of a potato, yes how many pigs the pig will bring...

in spurs of Sihote - Alinja
correctly to understand where there have arrived these people, it is necessary to add municipal friction socially - an ecological landscape. Present, the most distant village in spurs of Sihote - Alinja. The river, a taiga, a solitude. staroverskoj investigations local residents have apprehended arrival with watchfulness. It it became insulting that the regional authorities have concerned conservatives as to dear visitors and have tried to settle without superfluous delays all possible questions with allocation by it, to strangers, under krestjansko - a farm of the whole 640 hectares of the earth.

- push together us with visitors foreheads, giving to all of them, and at udegejtsev take away the last, - even the head of Dalnekutsky settlement Victor Vorobev has declared. It is possible to present only, what passions boiled on the ground commission and what else can begin to boil.

returning of conservatives, certainly, has pleased only one person - directors of national park recently created in these parts Feodor Kronikovsky: there come people serious against which it is possible to lean in many nature protection affairs. It very opportunely to the director - the fair part of local population has apprehended creation of national park as attempt at their right to solve, where and how to cut, shoot, fish. And though the national park is called the Udegejsky legend also reflected not only that wood to protect but also to revive udegejskie national crafts, business goes with a scratch.

Udegejtsev in village Distant Kut of only 14 showers: seven adults, from them three already strongly advanced in years, and seven children. To revive traditions they not against, yes for whom? The matter is that to get here to the tourist it is uneasy: Asphalt comes to an end near to a federal line Vladivostok - Khabarovsk, then hundreds kilometres on a first coat and lesovoznym to roads, yet will not rest against the river on which self-made ferry goes only.

absence of the bridge rescues the nature, but ruins commerce and strongly complicates life to people. There will be a bridge - then there will be civilised tourists. For now tourists and money are not present, and restrictions on wildlife management already are. In a fuse inhabitants assert that now it is impossible neither fire wood, nor mushrooms, medicinal grasses to collect...

and here while the prosperity deceived in expectations udegejtsy has started to write letters that the park became for them a reservation and that there is no their consent to use in the name of park of their patrimonial name, in riverheads of Iman which became 40 years ago Big Ussurkoj (that it became more difficult to Chineses to prove the great-power claims), there was a new force - conservatives.

- Me the revival prospect staroverskogo has very much interested villages in real carriers of traditions and way of life of Russian Christian history, - speaks Kronikovsky. - they already had an experience of the organisation of ecological tourism in the South America. Members of a community own various, including building and agricultural trades, know foreign languages, are not burdened by bad habits and have proof desire to live in village Dersu which, as a matter of fact, is an enclave in territory of national park. They have got used to live in harmony with the nature. And that is important, try to do without in all assistance.

the nature protection establishment can dream of such workers only. I hope, who directly and who will indirectly find the place in park.

the small native land
All understand that arrival of conservatives - something unusually important and in area life, both Primorski Krai, and all Russia - mothers. Not strangers have arrived - the have returned. Having thrown fertile places and the adjusted economy. It is possible even to tell that owners with the rights to this village based by their ancestors have returned.

Got accustomed to them with watchfulness, sparked first, but then at the local have appeared and absolutely other intonations: on 16 showers - only three muzhiks, one of which already the aged man. Yes as they will live - that? And here already leleemaja envy in expectation of rich immigrants, with which and the earth have there and then allocated, while to us here do not allow a grid to throw in small river it was replaced with sympathy. Began to offer for the aid to arrived who sprouts, who a potato, who telochku, and Oksana Sokolova from village Vostretsova - two horses... Who for money, and who and for nothing.

life expects the Come back conservatives the hard. The Earth to receive - not the greatest problem (immigrants, by the way, have already ploughed it and even have sowed and have set). In village is not present either mails, or schools, either shop, or medical assistant`s point, bus service to district. Light - two hours a day. In a word, not Uruguay. But it is them does not frighten. According to Vasily Reutov, and in the South America nobody waited for conservatives. Lodged in those places for which nobody applied.

Feodor Savelevich Martjushev, the head of the family, concludes:

- Only the belief in God has helped us not to be dissolved among the nations and nationalities with which it was possible to live. The desire to return home did not leave us. Children learnt in the beginning to the Russian reading and writing and belief in the Christ, and then gave in people. And those who lost faith, left and native speech. Russia them will not wait...

Number of resident population of Far East territories

the Source: Goskomstat

Andrey Kalachinsky, Vladivostok