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In Russia is closed for the first time a site extending piracy video, namely has suffered torrent - treker interfilm. ru. Treker is, in sum, a site allowing users to exchange among themselves by any files, lying at them on computers. If it was a question simply about trekere like the world famous Swedish The Pirate Bay to which founders have given recently on a year of prison, to close it would be not so simply, for this purpose there is no corresponding legislative base either in Russia, or in Europe, in the USA. With interfilmom all, however, has appeared easier. Its owners removed screen copies on videocameras and spread them in open access, and still like would hold piracy DVD - studio. Spot-check have made management To the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and Investigatory committee at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, and business is raised under article about infringement of the author`s and adjacent rights. The Dutch company on which servers the site has been placed, has disconnected it, though and not at once. It most likely the first blow of a bell which calls on all Russian trekeram, the majority from which, however, is in to a grey zone . Allow users to download, for example, the American serials which do not go on domestic TV, or foreign films without monstrous, as a rule, Russian postscoring (it would not be desirable even to remember translation quality) give the chance to users to look. Spot-checks on torrent - trekery are a commonplace in the USA and Great Britain, Draconian laws in this respect exist in New Zealand and since recent time in France. Europeans, however, in the majority, concern to torrentam more tolerantly, the same The Pirate Bay, whose founders have lost recently court, till now works. Besides in Europe (except Great Britain) comes to to nobody mind to pursue the users downloading films to on computers, in danger only founders of sites. On what way Russia will go in this sense, we, I am afraid, we learn soon enough. On the other hand, how many struggled with piracy DVD - and from trays forbade them to sell, and without special marks, - and anything, in general, does not change. It because the concept of a copyright in its present kind has become outdated and any more does not work. But to change it, a little more qualified experts, than workers of department " are necessary; To or functionaries international kopirajtohranitelnyh the organisations.

an incident
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In Germany which is parliamentary republic, president of the country the parliament and chooses elections. Not that that it were such important elections, this post means more likely representation functions, but all - taki the present elections. This time for the second term re-elected Horsta Keller, and, at least, two members of parliament have broken the law, having published the information on results in service of microblogs Tvitter to the official announcement of results. The deputy from HDS Klekner has simply hinted at result, has written that, can like sleep easily, all is good, and sotsial - democrat Kelner, on the contrary, has written all directly: and who is selected, and how many voices for . Scandal has happened considerable enough as on law declare a name of the new president of the country in Germany the chairman of the Bundestag, instead of everybody in a blog can only. On the other hand, as one colleague Kelnera on SDPG has correctly noticed, to forbid to use Tvitterom in parliament it is impossible. In Russia mutual relations of parliament and the Internet in sense of information leakages have solid history, it is enough to remember that the Fund of an effective policy in 1999 has created a site for the publication of results exit - polls which in general could not be published under the law in mass-media. But it in mass-media - and the site that was not. Actually, Tvitterom at us in parliament Ilya Ponomarev uses, and to deputy Obuhovu recently have disconnected in an office the Internet that it without demand has organised translation of plenary session on video.

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We usually do not shine contents of Russian blog sphere, but opening which was made one of these days by Ivan Begtin, the founder of the searcher on the state purchases Enotpoiskun in this section. ru, has made upon us such strong impression that we have decided to break own unwritten rules. In brief the history is that: in Russia there is a state site Zakupki. gov. ru, created with the good purpose: to finish to all interested persons the information that the state holds open competition on purchase of those or other goods or services. Presumably this measure increases quantity of potential participants of competition, would give to state institutions about lshuju a freedom in choosing and cuts budget expenses. Begtin has found out that in some documents Russian letters are replaced on Latin or even at all with figures. In particular, it results a fragment from the technical documentation of the tender spent FGUP Kursk biofactory on the right of the conclusion state k0ka on 00ee e0c 0eka ek0c 00a e0 for a0ck ake00 at 0 . Russian letters to here are replaced on Latin k and a letter about on figure 0 . Similar distortions do the text invisible to searchers. That is, if you, for example, search the tender for manufacture reconstruction tuberkulinov not directly looking through pages on a site, and through Yandex for example, you it will not find that. Learn about them only necessary executors, the people. Begtin writes that before each demand before the publication was checked by moderators and as there is a publication now, he precisely does not know, but assumes that regional organizers of competitions publish the texts directly.