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The government of Russia demands to raise a collecting of taxes

the Press - cabinet service has informed on May, 27th that the country government has charged to profile departments to take measures on increase of a collecting of taxes and overall performance of tax departments. To report on performance of the commission of department should by August, 1st. By the same time they are obliged to make offers on, how much and when it is necessary to increase the rate of the tax to mining operations (NDPI) concerning natural gas.
to the Ministry of Finance together with Ministry of economic development and trade and other interested federal enforcement authorities to take additional measures on increase of a collecting of taxes - has informed a press - cabinet service. On results of performance of the governmental commission of department should report till August, 1st.

we Will remind that in January - April of current year of receipt FNS in the budget have decreased on 20 % to level of last year and have made 2,706 trln rbl. (for the similar period of last year tax specialists have collected 3,421 trln rbl.). In particular, profit tax deductions have decreased almost twice (with 944,4 mlrd to 504,1 mlrd rbl.). VAT gathering were reduced to 11,5 % to 412,4 mlrd rbl., NDPI - on 53 % to 253,3 mlrd rbl.

on improvement of forecasts of tax revenues the government has counted as One of measures study of a question on increase of rate NDPI on natural gas. To the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of economic development and trade and Ministry for the Power Generating Industry of Russia is entrusted to think of terms and the size of indexation of this rate. According to the government, work should be done taking into account investment programs of the organisations extracting natural gas . Departments are obliged to present corresponding offers to the government of Moscow till August, 1st, 2009.