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For infringement of the legislation on formation will fine

on May, 27th federation Council has approved the law according to which administrative responsibility for infringements of the legislation on formation is established. Infringements in this area threaten with imposing of the penalty or disqualification for some years. In particular, for wrongful refusal in diploma delivery about higher education officials should pay from 20 to 40 thousand rbl.
introduced by the government of Russia the bill assumes to punish legal and officials for infringements of the legislation on formation. Corresponding amendments have been brought by senators in the Code of the Russian Federation about administrative offences and in the law About formation .

Now such infringements as wrongful refusal in reception in educational institution, illegal deduction from it, illegal refusal in delivery of the certificate on the termination of educational institution and others will be punished by penalties, and at repeated infringement - disqualification.

in particular, for infringement of an order of reception in educational institution the responsible official should pay from 10 to 30 thousand rbl., and legal - from 50 to 100 thousand rbl. Repeated infringement such threatens with disqualification for the term from a year till two years. Deliberate distortion of results of the state total certification and the school Olympic Games can end with 5 thousand rbl. of the penalty for citizens and collecting to 40 thousand rbl. for officials. Illegal restriction of the right on formation will be punished not less strictly - for legal bodies the penalty at the rate from 100 to 200 thousand rbl. is provided

Introductions of similar measures will give, according to the senators, the necessary tool for control in an education sphere. Thus existing checking bodies can react to the revealed infringements. The law will enter force since December, 1st, 2009.

in the meantime the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has published the decree in which has emphasised juridical education perfection in the country. It is supposed to give more attention to preparation of legal shots and to strengthen control over profile educational institutions. The developed standards, according to a plan of the head of the state, should generate at students intolerance to corruption behaviour and the valid relation to the right and the law .