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Summer residence in box to packing

Insurance of country real estate grows from year to year and in Moscow suburbs already covers about 80 % of structures. Also has put here not only in the increased value of garden stock and constructions, but also that insurers offer inexpensive and clear for summer residents of the program of insurance of their country property.
the objective data about volume of the insured summer residences on all market of country real estate is not present, but, according to experts, this figure considerably below 50 %. Is better affairs with summer residences situated near Moscow are. if as a whole on the country the share of the insured country real estate makes less than 10 % in the Moscow region, by our estimations, insurance protection have an order of 80 % of country structures - the director of department of insurance of property of physical persons of insurance company ROSNO Artem the Spark has told.

There are two variants of insurance of country real estate - budgetary (the house in garden association) and prestigious (cottage). To insure a small country house is much easier and faster, rather than expensive private residence. In certain cases pravoustanavlivajushchim the document on the erected construction the paper signed by the chairman of country association can be. in a case if construction is located in gardening, ogorodnicheskom or country noncommercial association (association) here in addition to the certificate on the property right to the ground area will enough show the document assured by the chairman of such association where it will be specified that in the given territory erection of constructions according to the project of the organisation and building of its territory is authorised and that the owner is a member of garden association (other association). If at you a small house in village for acknowledgement of legality of erection of structures on the ground area the object building licence " is necessary; - has told the deputy director of the centre anderrajtinga property and difficult technical risks of the insurance company GUTA - Insurance Elena Fokina.

Procedure of registration of the insurance on rather inexpensive structures is simplified to a minimum. It is accepted to name such products box . The insurance is made out during a half an hour without survey of the house, in certain cases the company will ask to show photos of an insured structure. It is necessary to consider that the insurance starts to work for the majority of insurers with a delay. on box to the policy the time franchise is always established, that is the insurance starts to work through five - ten days after its registration. It some kind of a guarantee of the insurer from unfair clients who can try to insure already damaged structure - has told Artem the Spark.

the insurance companies limit also the maximum cost of the insured house on box to the policy which on the average should not exceed $50 thousand And in itself box a product the most probable risks join. if the insurer wishes to protect native six hundred parts with being on them small a small house and bankoj, box the product is an optimum variant of the insurance. box insurance products that are convenient for standard country structures in the total cost to 1,5 million roubles that do not demand obligatory survey of property and occupy a minimum of time for policy registration. Besides, as a rule, such insurance already joins a set of standard risks, among which theft, a fire, a gulf, illegal actions of the third parties, acts of nature, fluctuations of parametres of an electric network and another - Svetlana Rasinsky has told the director for retail business of National insurance group.

the Set of risks in box to the insurance fixed, and the insurer cannot expand or reduce their number itself. However, if to consider that on the basic cost of the policy (an order of 80 %) protection against fire occurrence the essential economy hardly will turn out is necessary. To save on insurance policy purchase it is possible differently. For example, the insured car or apartment in the insurance company allow the right to a discount at policy registration on country real estate.

cost box products averages 0,6 - 0,8 % from the insurance sum. For example, the annual policy on 300 thousand roubles house in cost will manage approximately in 2 thousand roubles. Thus it is necessary to remember that the insurance company will pay the sum completely only in case of construction utter annihilation. At first sight more the appreciation of cost of the house will give the chance to receive at insured event approach and more considerable sum of indemnification. Actually it at all so. Many clients in cases when the property is accepted on insurance without preliminary survey, overestimate an estimation of a condition and country house cost. It is important to remember that thus policy cost increases, and at approach of insured event the company will pay exactly so much, how many it is necessary for restoration of everything that has suffered - Svetlana Rasinsky warns.

However, and house underestimation can be fraught for the insurer with financial losses. In certain cases the insurer reserves the right to itself to estimate cost of a structure after insured event approach. Then at calculation of the sum of a loss of the insurer the principle of proportional compensation when the size of payments will depend on a parity of the insurance sum to the valid cost of construction can be applied. For example, if the cost of the house specified in the contract, has made 500 thousand roubles, and its real price makes 1 million roubles the factor of payments will make 0,5. In other words, if on repair of a roof of such house it is required to 100 thousand taking into account factor to the insurer it will be paid 50 thousand - the chief of department of insurance of property SK " has told; the Consent artem Carpenters.

at a structure estimation it is necessary to remember that house sale price has a little the general with estimation cost at insurance. There are two variants of an estimation - to look at a price - large firm sheets - the builder and to find close analogue of the house or to give such possibility to the insurer who will make an estimation by the technique.

the sum in which the insurance policy will manage, depends not only on a house estimation, but also from the applied tariff which pays off individually. The most widespread system of tariffing is when to the base tariff lowering or raising factors are applied. the deviation from the base insurance tariff is influenced by probability of occurrence of this or that insurance event. For example, fire possibility in the brick house is less, than in a wooden structure, therefore and the tariff in the first case will be more low. Also the raising factor will be applied at presence in the house of gas heating or a fireplace. The tariff on illegal actions of the third parties will be lowered in houses where are established a metal door and lattices at windows - the director of Management of property insurance of insurance group " has told; MAX Alexander Agapov.

as a rule, payments on box to products are carried out according to limits operating in the insurance company on each constructive element of a structure or furnish. For example, from the insurance sum on restoration of the roof which have suffered from hurricane it can be taken away no more than 15 %, on internal furnish - 30 %, on the base - 10 %.

Construction which is more expensive typical panel board, it is necessary to insure by a classical variant. This variant also costs more expensively, and time for purchase of such policy insurance protection in this case much more serious leaves more, but also. in respect of insurance protection classical insurance (not box products) is for the client the most effective: the insurer can choose the most actual insurance covering without any restrictions on compensation payments - tells Artem of Carpenters.

registration of the classical policy of assurance is more labour-intensive process which assumes the detailed description of everything that is accepted on insurance, and property survey by the insurer. But the insurance tariff for the prestigious house in percentage terms to insurance cost will be more low, than on a garden small house. Such objects are erected by builders, that is with observance of certain requirements and instructions; in addition the cottage assumes constant residing, protection and etc., that is the best safety.

at classical insurance the order of insurance payments is as much as possible approached to real cost of restoration. in classical insurance products the compensation order can be the following: The estimate on erection of a similar structure or on elimination of lacks is made, or accounting at cost of materials and cost of works is made, or checks and receipts which confirm actually suffered expenses are given. Estimates are checked by the insurer on conformity of the materials specified in it and works with srednerynochnymi quotations. And last variant of compensation is an estimation of a damage an independent expert appraisal which is ordered in cases when there is an originator of an event that the insurer could make to it demands as it should be subrogatsii - Alexander Agapov speaks.

as it is banal, but, perhaps, the main thing at country house insurance - attentive acquaintance with the contract. Frequently the insurer paints delights of an insurance product, suggesting the client to subscribe there, where ticks . Even if it box The product, all conditions and procedure of payments should be accurately painted. If the order of payments of insurance compensation is hidden in rules, it is necessary to read attentively and that is written by small print. And you will see that, for example, if electroconducting was done by the electrician without the right of carrying out of such works compensation payments will not be - Alexander Agapov advises.