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Michael Saakashvili ugoden churches

the Georgian opposition continuing antigovernmental actions lasting many days, has received a telling blow. The patriarch vseja Georgia Ilija II has urged its leaders to remove the requirement about resignation of president Michael Saakashvili. The failure of attempts of opposition gets support of the confessor of the nation can to push her to radical actions.
as it became known on the eve of demonstration on May, 26th (see yesterday`s ) The spiritual leader of opposition George Gachechiladze has met the head of the Georgian orthodox church and has informed it in confidential conversation that on termination of meeting at stadium about 100 thousand persons will move to a cathedral, will fall down to feet of the confessor and will ask it to give advice how to operate further . Oppositionists obviously counted that when the many thousands crowd will approach to a cathedral where thousand believers (to listen to the sermon of the patriarch on the occasion of Independence Day), Ilija II by then will gather will grant treasured desire of oppositionists and will urge Michael Saakashvili to retire.

taking into account authority of the patriarch on a society such statement could become a turning-point in opposition of the president proceeding already one and a half month and opposition. Michael Saakashvili would be compelled or to follow to an appeal of the patriarch, or is opened it to disobey. Both that and another would mean a large victory of opposition.

However Ilija known for the care II has told in the sermon absolutely other. He, as a matter of fact, has urged opposition to stop a termless protest action. the population part here demands one and a half month resignation of the president. But it very much a complicated question. We had a certain tradition: the first president have displaced, the second too, and we know that it has brought to the country - the patriarch has said.

these words of the confessor of the nation have put leaders of opposition in a difficult situation - they had to justify before the supporters. The former Minister for Foreign Affairs, and nowadays the leader of the party the Way of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili has declared: the Patriarch in general has refused to listen to us . And George Gachechiladze so has explained an appeal of the Catholicos: the Patriarch is taken in hostages by Michael Saakashvili and its gang. He promised to make other statement during the sermon. But has told at all that .

Last statement in a patriarchy have denied. Its representative has expressed a regret and bewilderment concerning words of mister Gachechiladze, as the patriarch promised nothing to anybody, and has expressed only the opinion .

the Failure of attempts of leaders of opposition to get support of the confessor of the nation has pushed them to resolute actions. On Tuesday late at night the head of party New right David Gamkrelidze has urged participants of mass meeting to go at a parliament building towards station, to block the railway .

Having approached to station, hundreds young men have jumped on rails and have blocked a way to a train of Tbilisi - Batumi. besides that they blocked road, they have still stuffed stones in places of transition of rails, it became impossible therefore to change a direction of movement of trains, - has complained the representative of Joint-Stock Company The Georgian railway Mamuka Machavariani. - We have been compelled to detain movement of trains on all territory of the country, up to the Black Sea coast .

Only yesterday in the morning oppositionists have left a railway junction and have returned to a parliament building. Completely movement of trains managed to be restored only to the middle of day. the action was precautionary, - has declared David Gamkrelidze. - We have shown the determination to continue struggle, including in the form of overlapping of highways. Michael Saakashvili will be compelled to resign .

the president has answered yesterday The opponents in absentia. From its administration the information has filtered that Michael Saakashvili has taken off for Rome on a football match of League of champions. As earlier the president of Georgia has not been noticed in predilection for football, many in Tbilisi have regarded its trip as demonstration of that it simply ignores opposition and its requirements.