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The bank of Russia will make investors more attractively

In the conditions of crisis Bank of Russia is ready to simplify process dokapitalizatsii banks for their shareholders. For this purpose the Central Bank can shut eyes to a financial solvency of all proprietors of bank, estimating only position of its basic owner, and to the shareholders who are the public companies, to reduce the list of checked documents. For it they will pay special attention of a regulator to reliability of the given reporting.
the bank of Russia has placed on the site new editions of position About an order and criteria of an estimation of a financial position of legal bodies of founders (participants) of the credit organisation and positions About an order and criteria of an estimation of a financial position of physical persons - founders (participants) of the credit organisations . Projects provide new rules of an estimation of a financial position of investors in the Russian bank sector. According to the director of department of licensing of activity and financial improvement of the credit organisations of Bank of Russia Michael Suhova, a main objective of documents - to simplify to banks process dokapitalizatsii, become actual of - for growth of bad debts as a result of crisis (p. 9 see).

According to documents, the proprietors owning bank through a chain of the companies and interested in dokapitalizatsii, will have a right to confirm the financial solvency, proceeding exclusively from possibilities of the basic proprietor. Now the Central Bank demands to confirm a financial solvency of all owners. on occasion it happens inconveniently to make, - Michael Suhov speaks. - For example, in the widespread scheme of possession through investment funds the controlling stock is written down by banks on fund, and other actions are distributed between its employees which financial solvency, according to operating edition of the document, also it is necessary to prove, or to change possession structure, what operatively to make uneasy .

the Basic proprietor of bank the one who makes essential impact on its activity is considered. Under essential influence possibility to define the decisions accepted by controls of the legal person, a condition of conducting by it of enterprise activity admits, to appoint an individual executive office and to select more than half of board of directors.

Besides, the Central Bank liberalises requirements to documentary acknowledgement of incomes of founders and the investors having the Russian and international ratings. If those are available, investors will not need to give in the Central Bank the detailed documentation on available bank accounts or data on absence of tax claims.

however, liberalisation of requirements to investors of bank is accompanied by approach toughening to definition of their financial solvency. The Central Bank has expanded the list of criteria for a recognition of a financial position of the investor unsatisfactory. The regulator suggests to consider as that position of the formally financially well-founded company to which for maintenance of a good financial position needs visibilities to make the transaction on not market conditions. Such, according to the Tax code, the transactions made at the price for 20 % more or less srednerynochnoj are considered. Such innovation was required from - that the reporting of the companies under the Russian standards is very opaque and allows them to hide long enough time a true state of affairs - mister Suhov has explained.

Participants of the market consider that liberalisation of requirements of the Central Bank will allow to fill up the banking capital more operatively. if one of proprietors of bank is the offshore fund, it was very difficult to fulfil old requirements of the Central Bank, it was necessary to change property structure that contradicted interests benefitsiarov, - the director of the Moscow office of consulting company Tax Consulting UK Edward Savuljak explains, - New requirements will allow to avoid it .

However, according to the vice-president of board of the Moscow credit bank Vladimir Chubarja, the requirement about check of all structures through which the proprietor owns bank, by and large the formal. For the Central Bank it is much more important to check up, whether there is at the final proprietor money on dokapitalizatsiju, than to estimate a financial position of the intermediate companies, but at the same time if these companies conduct unprofitable activity it can affect and a financial position of the basic owner - he speaks.

as to toughening of requirements according to a financial solvency of the investor, discrepancy to new parametres will be very difficult to prove the Central Bank. the Central Bank is important for estimating, from what monetary streams of the company - the investor are generated, - specifies the vice-president of bank the Renaissance Andrey Shalimov. - If the company obtains too cheap loans or gives out credits under too high rates, the regulator can become interested . However, according to Vladimir Chubarja, a price deviation slozhnodokazuemo, especially if the goods are unique also the similar prices in the market are absent.