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Payment agents have passed federation Council

Terminal payments

federation Council yesterday has approved in edition of the conciliatory commission the law About activity on reception of payments of the physical persons, carried out by payment agents and amendments to a number of acts in connection with adoption of this law. On April, 1st federation Council has rejected the law on the payment agents, accepted by the State Duma on March, 25th, then has been decided to create the commission (see from April, 9th). The accepted variant of the law will legalise the agency scheme of work - the credit organisation has the right to involve the organisation which is not credit, and the individual businessman for acceptance of payments from physical persons. Thus the right is fixed to the government to establish the inventory, works, services in which payment the bank payment agent has not the right to accept payments of physical persons. Also the law forbids activity of the payment agent without the conclusion to them contracts on reception of payments of physical persons.

the legislator also has obliged the payment agent to insure risks of default of the obligations to bank. According to the law the bank payment agent can use payment terminals and cash dispenses, but thus they should be equipped kontrolno - cash technics. The law establishes that the citizen who has brought payment through the terminal, on service payment has executed the duty, the committee-man of the State Duma on the financial market Yury Isaev marks.


the Volga region Deutsche Bank has legal proceedings for the licence
Volga region Deutsche Bank and its shareholder Gennady Schmidt have addressed in arbitration court of the Saratov region with the application for cancellation of the order of the Central Bank from May, 6th about bank licence withdrawal. By results of preliminary hearing the court has established that business to incompetently arbitration court of region as the order of the Central bank, which location in Moscow is challenged. Shareholders of Volga region Deutsche Bank at extraordinary meeting have made on April, 9th the decision on voluntary liquidation of bank (see from April, 13th). However by results of inspection check of the Central Bank in April the Bank of Russia has withdrawn at bank the licence in connection with an establishment of the facts of essential unauthenticity of the accounting data, sufficiency of the capital below 2 %, decrease in the size of own means below the minimum value.


Santander has paid off for a pyramid
the Spanish bank Santander has agreed to pay $235 million to lawyer Irving Pikardu who temporarily operates Bernard Medoffa`s fund and is engaged in liquidation of its actives for payment of indemnifications to Medoffa which have suffered from a financial pyramid. Taking into account the means received from Santander, the volume of the money raised by mister Pikardom for payment to the victim has reached $1,225 billion


In the table to a material Salaries of bankers have dispersed from crisis published in number from May, 26th, discrepancy has been admitted. The volume of means directed in the first quarter 2009 on payment of employees of bank Ak the Leopard the average salary - 22,7 thousand rbl. that on 28,8 % more low, than in the first quarter 2008 makes 342,8 million rbl.