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On the auctions the property Open Company " is exposed; Spetsmontazhnaladka , jur. The address: RM, Saransk, street Osipenko, 91:

the Prize 1. Immovable and a personal estate located to the address: 430007, RM, Saransk, street Osipenko, 91, initial cost of 32 775 000 roubles, including:

the Name the Initial price of sale, rbl.

the Building of management of a total area of 213 sq. m, a building a total area of 31,2 sq. m through passage 2447000

motor transport Parking, a total area of 1341,3 sq. m 3473000

the Warehouse, a total area of 2597,6 sq. m 4313000

Warehouses of inert materials, a total area of 1609,8 sq. m 2190000

Garage on 5 motor vehicles, a total area of 281,3 sq. m 659000

the Building, a total area of 420,2 sq. m 1077000

the Warehouse, a total area 63 sq. M 138000

the Warehouse, a total area of 533 sq. m 1500000

the Warehouse metallomaterialov, a total area of 122,6 sq. m 377000

Gasoline station 485000

a territory Accomplishment (are expensive) 42000

External networks of a gas pipeline 102000

the Chimney 42000

the Fence 471000

the Fire tank 7000

the Industrial equipment, 37 objects 4257000

Vehicles, 39 objects 11195000

the Step of auction of 5 % from the declared cost of a prize.

for participation in auction the participant should pay the deposit at a rate of 40 % of the initial price of a prize. The person who has won auction, it is considered the person who has offered the highest price. Payment is carried out in the monetary form within seven days from the moment of report signing, but not later than two weeks. In default the winner of the auctions from signing of the report, refusal to grant the purchased sum, infringements of terms of calculations under the contract more than for 5 days results of the auctions are cancelled, and the deposit does not come back. To other participants of the auctions the deposit comes back in accordance with general practice.

demands acceptance and the deposit, offers and documents on participation in auction is spent to 17. 00 hours 09. 06. 2009, the auctions will take place in 12. 00 hours 10. 06. 2009 to the address: 430007, RM, Saransk, street Osipenko, 91.

the Organizer of the auctions: the Competitive managing director of Open Company Spetsmontazhnaladka a member NP SRO the Guarantee bodies. For inquiries: 8(8342) 48 - 16 - 92, 48 - 05 - 59.