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Business about Anna Politkovsky`s murder is transferred in the Supreme court of Russia

the Press - the secretary of the Moscow district military court Alexander Minchanovsky has informed that criminal case about murder of journalist Anna Politkovsky is transferred in the Supreme court of Russia. The State Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia has directed on May, 27th to the same court the additional argument of the appeal. It is directed against the verdict of “not guilty“ concerning three journalists accused of murder.
“ business materials together with cassation representation of Office of Public Prosecutor are directed to military board of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation “ - Alexander Minchanovsky has informed. Before business materials were in military court where participants of process got acquainted with reports of judicial sessions and brought on them the remarks.

According to Minchanovsky, in the Supreme court on May, 27th the documentation containing additional arguments in relation to cassation representation on the verdict of “not guilty“ on the case of murder by Politkovskaya also has arrived. Addition has been brought in the ten-day term established by the law after adjudgment.

in cassation representation the Office of Public Prosecutor asks to cancel the verdict of “not guilty“, taken out to a three accused on the case of murder of Politkovskaya. The court has confirmed this sentence, being based on the decision of board of jurymen which in February of current year have justified the accused. Cassation representation will be considered in the Supreme court after studying of materials of cases.

an observer “ the New newspaper “ Anna Politkovsky has been killed on October, 7th, 2006 at a house entrance in Wood street in Moscow where rented apartment. The consequence considers as the basic version of murder professional work of the journalist.