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the assistant to head in 1991 -

Results of parliamentary elections in South Ossetia to make comments 1994 on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation not simply, and is very simple. Judge: mighty political parties, on some hundreds persons in everyone, argued on the one who from them loves the president more. Struggle was persistent, but the president has won it. Who could think...

however, building of sovereign South Ossetia democracy on it does not come to an end. It will be for certain even more amusing further. And so, what to describe all process or especially to predict its outcome to me of any talent will not suffice. Necessarily it is necessary to address to classics of the world literature. For example, to O.Genri`s narrating about not which invented Republic Anchurija and its president Losade the great American satirist. Here some citations from the story Kings and cabbage in which the South Ossetia situation is quite recognised.

It seemed that the board of president Losady promises to the state is much kind. Its political talents would be appreciable even among Anglo-Saxons if to these talents other lines, petty and fatal were not added. Losada there was an absolute tyrant and at the same time people idol. Riches of the country and flew to it in hands .

In the meantime the bypassed favourites made every possible plans for power overthrow. Political life of Anchurii of the beginning again as the Chinese play, slowly to develop infinite pictures similar against each other .

it is not enough - pomalu Losada has managed to deserve hostility of the people. In all republic the silent, concealed discontent was felt. New taxes and duties to the imported goods, and the main thing, indulgence to the military authorities which oppressed civilians of the country, have made its one of the most unpopular governors. But its quarrel with the steamship company " became the daredevil act of the president; Vesuvius .

Losada had imprudence to ask for it the loan in fifty thousand peso gold on railway construction. The company has refused to it such big loan, having offered instead 25 peso, but silver. And here that from this left.

you offend by the offer my government! - representative Anchurii has exclaimed. Then, - the representative of the steamship company has told, - we will change it . But he has not specified that is subject to replacement - the size of the loan or the president.

and at last, one more place in O.Genri`s story which should be noticed. the president starts to bother local people. It is necessary to receive the fee before there will come revolution (from conversation of two visiting speculators. - K ).

Also that you think, in the autumn when the heat slept, revolution in Anchurii and truth has happened. To the power the new president who could agree with the company " has come; Vesuvius .

I Ask to mean that, resulting these lines of the American satirist, I did not try to assimilate at all South Ossetia to any banana Republic Anchurija. Whence in South Ossetia bananas?