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Game rules

are doubled by DMITRY - BUTRIN, the head of department of economic policy

Many aspects in work of a state machinery are extremely inconvenient for mass-media, however in itself existence in Russia bureaucracy essentially facilitates to us life. It is easier to observe of the regulated processes, they have the logic which frequently allows to foretell that will occur and that to occur cannot in any way. For example, the sensation about the announcement the authorities of China of antidumping investigation concerning Russian gorjachekatanogo hire that would mean start of trading wars between metallurgists of the Russian Federation and the Peoples Republic of China, has appeared is easily enough denied, though the market spoke about it two weeks. In practice of interaction of trading departments of the Russian Federation and the Peoples Republic of China is the mechanism the early notification - at high probability of the announcement of antidumping investigation of the party notify each other that after a while there will be a lot of work. Presence or absence of such notice is not the information closed. In this case it was not.

last months supervision over work of the governmental structures have forced journalists as though it sounded, to love well put office-work and validly to concern to bureaucracy even in its heaviest forms. Bent for to intermediate term and long-term planning - only credit compression and deficiency of the liquidity, outgrown in the winter 2008/ 09 years in a budgeted deficit was obvious illness of 2008 for the government of Russia, have stopped, apparently, inevitable process of transition of the White house from plans on 2009 - 2020 to working out of programs till 2030 (the first documents such have started to appear in Minpromtorge and Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources just in the summer of 2008). Now dialectic struggle against bent for of long term was entered by other illness - aspiration to improvisation and agenda drawing up on the move. Today, on Monday, this process should reach the culmination.

one point appeared in the agenda of session of the government of the Russian Federation as of Saturday - consideration of results of execution of the federal budget in 2008 only. It is not necessary to be seven spans in a forehead to understand that discussions at presidium on this question cannot be hardened - the past of unexpectedness does not foretell. However what exactly will occur at session in the White house, alas, already resolutely not clearly even to its participants: that for discussion at the government it is a lot of, but a question on in what picture they will be co-ordinated on a result, especially nonbureaucratic.

the problem, consisting that the forecast for 2014 became more accessible and more clear, rather than the forecast for June - July, exists not only for mass-media and bureaucrats. We as - nibud will worry - but what to do with trust to forecasts on 2014, 2020, 2030 and even for 2010 if the constant costs connected with improvisation of the ministries, add to business of problems then when the primary goal is their reduction? This version of inflation unlike the monetary does not give in neither to forecasting, nor the account: in many respects it simply loss of time.