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The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine comes back to work

the Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko sent in holiday after newspaper scandal on May, 27th comes back to work.
he has informed on it at a briefing. Earlier German newspaper Bild has extended the information that Yury Lutsenko and his son Alexander have arranged drunk uproar at the airport of Frankfurt am Main. The minister has brought an action against the newspaper and has won. The appellate court on affairs of the press of Ground court of Berlin has obliged Bild to publish a refutation of the information on uproar.

according to the minister, results of the office investigation made in its relation have been considered at government session. absence of criminal prosecution concerning me from the German party, absence of any proofs of alcoholic intoxication and presence of the advantageous decision for me the Berlin ground court concerning newspaper Bild has been established. All these circumstances have been considered, and in this connection today I start discharge of duties of the Minister of Internal Affairs, expecting the parliament decision - quotes RIA News mister Lutsenko. Thus, he has noted, investigation in the government is already finished, but now it is necessary to wait decisions of the court of inquiry created in parliament.