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The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine comes back to the post

the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko has declared on May, 27th returning to the post after stay in short holiday. Thus the official has underlined that will expect the decision of specially created commission which are engaged in investigation of incident with participation of Lutsenko at the airport of Frankfurt on May, 4th. We will remind, local mass-media then have informed that Yury Lutsenko together with 19 - the summer son have arranged drunk uproar, accompanying the actions by not standard lexicon. The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine assures that it is provocation from the German authorities on purpose to cause a damage of reputation of the country.
during session of the government of Ukraine the commission on incident investigation at the airport of Frankfurt has informed on results of the work. According to the report, the criminal proceedings concerning Yury Lutsenko in Germany are not started, the proofs testifying to its alcoholic intoxication, are not presented, and judicial suit with German newspaper Bild in which there was an information on state of emergency, is won by the party of the Ukrainian minister. all these circumstances have been considered, and today I start responsibilities as the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine - the official has concluded.

we will remind, about an event at the airport of Frankfurt German newspaper Bilt on May, 4th has written. In article under heading it is too drunk! The captain of Lufthansa did not take with itself the minister it was told about how Igor Lutsenko going with working visit to Korea, in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication tried to get aboard the plane. And 19 - summer son Alexey Lutsenko workers of the airport have refused to admit it aboard the plane. The father with the son have disagreed with such approach and have made scandal, being thrown by mobile phones and reminding of the high position. The police squad caused on a scene did not promote situation settlement. Drunk uproar, under the edition version, was accompanied by plentiful not standard lexicon. In particular, ostensibly the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine named German policemen nazi pigs .

In Ukraine messages of German mass-media have denied, having confirmed that the delegation really has not been admitted aboard the plane, but because of delay. however any handcuffs, any drunk conflict was not - assured in a press - service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. With sharp criticism of actions of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs deputies from party of regions have acted. the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko - the immoral person. He should resign, as dishonours the country. If Lutsenko herself the next days does not resign, it on whom it depends " anyway should make; - Elena Bondarenko declared the deputy. Reciprocal steps from party Lutsenko have followed on May, 12th - then in the Supreme Rada the application from his name with the request has arrived to consider the problem on its resignation.

meanwhile, in Ground court of Berlin on behalf of the son of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine the claim with the requirement to write a refutation has followed. The court has satisfied the claim of Lutsenko, having obliged the edition to withdraw the text from the electronic version of the newspaper and to write a refutation. Thus in the appendix to a judgement it is noticed that videorecording with the incident fixed on it does not exist. We will remind, earlier at a meeting with deputies of fraction Our Ukraine - National self-defence Lutsenko complained: Present my condition if the whole world sees how German policemen have thrown on a floor of the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs, and then four together in handcuffs have dragged it in a detention room .

In the meantime the German edition does not hasten while to publish a refutation. As has informed radio stations the German wave the official representative of the owner of the newspaper, publishing house Axel Springer AG Tobias Frelih, in case of reception by publishing house of the corresponding judicial order, will be undertaken the further legal steps.