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The new old government

Formation of new structure of the government of Khabarovsk territory has begun deputies of a legislative thought of a nominee of the senator and the Minister of Finance with the statement. Yury Solonin became the representative of the regional government in federation Council again, and the regional Ministry of Finance was headed by Alexander Katsuba earlier holding this post. Definitively new government should be generated in the beginning of June. By estimations of political scientists, it will not change cardinally, and many posts will be occupied with the ministers appointed to the posts eks - the governor of region Victor Ishayev.
in Khabarovsk territory formation of new structure of the regional government after change of the governor has begun. We will remind that in the end of April the president of the Russian Federation has appointed the plenipotentiary in DFO the governor of Khabarovsk territory Victor Ishayev, and to a region post of the head - the regional minister of transport, the industry and Vyacheslav Shporta`s communication. After mister Shport has been confirmed by regional deputies to the post the governor, ministers of the regional government have been sent in resignation, in their post there was a prefix and. Islands

At yesterday`s session of a legislative thought have been confirmed two nominees - Yury Solonina and Alexander Katsuby. The first has been again appointed to a post of the representative of the regional government in Council of the federation, the second - on a post of the regional Minister of Finance.

the chief of central administrative board of internal policy and the information of the governor and the government of edge Sergey Levkov, representing to deputies of the mister Corned beef, has told that about its appointment the head of region has signed the decision on May, 22nd. It has reminded that for the first time in this post Yury Solonin has been confirmed in January, 2005. Lately, according to mister Levkova, the senator Has proved as the professional politician knowing a situation which are paying much attention socially - to economic development of Khabarovsk territory . Yury Solonin has added to it that else actively was engaged sotsiokulturnoj activity, which to it as to the teacher and the dean of faculty of philosophy, it is close . Mister Solonin has complained that under the psychological characteristic work of the senator very nasty . It is in many respects connected with circulation on corridors, with kljanchenem means, with the long coordination of meetings with ministers which go on this extremely reluctantly. But it, unfortunately, that work which is daily occurrence - mister Solonin has told.

As a result the majority of deputies have supported a nominee of the mister Corned beef on a post of the senator. Against two deputies from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation have acted only: Anatoly Dronchenko and Alexander Gromov. As Anatoly Dronchenko has explained , protest voting of communists is caused by that, in - the first, mister Solonin - the representative sankt - the Petersburg clan come to power together with Vladimir Putin, and communists against such tactical approach in selection of shots and in - the second, it is a member an United Russia - parties which drives the country in deeper crisis . Addressing to us, Yury Solonin could not name concrete affairs which it has made for edge. We are assured that in region there are many competent people who could represent interests of the government in Council of federation and render the notable help to edge - Anatoly Dronchenko has proved protest voting.

Alexander Katsuby`s Nominee was supported by all members of parliament who were present yesterday at session of a regional thought. Probably, they were convinced the chairman of committee on the budget and taxes of regional parliament by Tatyana Movchan who has noticed that its committee works with the ministry structurally and in close contact . To me as to the chairman of committee comfortably to work with it: despite entertaining Alexander Stanislavovich always finds time for the decision of the questions connected with tax and budgetary legislations. Therefore I urge you to vote for the coordination of this nominee - madam Movchan has told.

Definitively formation of new structure of the government should come to the end in the beginning of June. Vyacheslav Shport after the appointment to the post of the governor assured that does not intend to change cardinally a command created by its predecessor Victor Ishayev.

However a number of experts believe that the structure of the regional government will be updated at the expense of shots from Komsomolska - on - the Cupid as mister Shport represented this district in the State Duma within eight years. Some sources believe what apply for key posts in the government representatives of the management case of Open Society " can; Amurmetall or Open Society the Amur ship-building factory . This opinion is divided also by the assistant to the plenipotentiary in DFO Alexander Levintal (earlier headed the regional ministry of economic development), considering that the new governor will tighten people from Komsomolska - on - the Cupid on two - three positions in the government .