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I am not going to take out for public dirty linen

Katie Perr has answered questions Boris Barabanova .
you in short terms have acted at all main musical ceremonies, including MTV and Grammy. They for you inevitable harm, a part of an advertising campaign or nevertheless possibility to tell to public something important?

I like musical ceremonies by that there very wide spectrum of dialogue. There is a possibility to see absolutely new actors and coryphaeuses in all areas, there is a chance to be thrown in pair words with friends on shop which seldom you see. Well and I like to dress up, if I step on the stage at such ceremony, always in any extravagant dress. A problem for me unless that at such ceremonies it is necessary to sing before people from the industry, before acquaintances, more shortly more often. It is necessary to surprise those whom already nothing to surprise. Yet I do not love, when to me speak: This performance will impulse you or will break all career . Certainly, at solo concerts I feel more confident.

you have been nominated in America on Grammy and MTV Video Music Awards, but awards as a result have received from European MTV and on English BRIT Awards. There is no sensation of a lack of spectator love in the homeland?

Europe in general is more musical, than America. In Europe people interests not only that sounds in Top 40. To me in general - that has carried, my career is well balanced, usually those whom love abroad, houses in the USA not too - that are successful. The American mass-media help me to look at the career soberly. Because, as soon as I go down from a plane gangway in Europe, me there and then take in a ring of paparazzi, and newspapers in eager rivalry invent different stories about me. I understand that these are game rules, and I try to keep judiciousness.

Usually the actor, especially what long went to success, gives out all best numbers in the first album, splashes out everything that has become painful, without the rest. Your disk One Of The Boys was for you the similar manifesto?

I in a course of it effect of the second album when all is already told and there is nothing to surprise. One Of The Boys - a diary of the girl living a piece of life with 17 till 23 years. But in my second album there will be enough stories told from the face 25 - the summer person, whose life is full of events, impressions and imperfections. I try to be frank. Thus I, of course, am not going to take out dirty linen for public, here I just do not like to do it. From the point of view of a sound my second album will be to, perhaps, more corresponding today`s crazes.

for example?

Well, imagine Lovefool The Cardigans, only the text more malicious.

you have already got used to a role global the priest - stars? Have learnt to include in rajder small whims like special meal or cars of certain marks?

I try not to take anything superfluous. With me in round of 12 assistants, but all of them in the business, any cheapskates. As to rajdera... The Humidifier in a make-up room, my favourite grades of tea - all is typical enough. My command loves whisky Jameson, not to deprive of their such pleasure. My personal point - hygienic napkins for children. I hate a toilet paper, besides they help to remove quickly a make-up and even sometimes replace a shower. For all occasions suit.