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The parliament has shown independence

Yesterday deputies of seaside parliament in the first reading have approved the bill About kontrolno - Audit Chamber of Legislative Assembly of Primorski Territory . KSP which primary goal is control over an expenditure of budgetary funds, receives the status of the legal person, but legislators reserve the right to itself appointments of the chairman of chamber. Bill acceptance in such edition means preservation behind Legislative Assembly of one of influence levers on regional administration. Executive power lobbied the project of branch KSP from Legislative Assembly, officials suggested to appoint the chairman of chamber on representation of the governor.
about KSP in a new wording (the law in force is accepted on April, 13th, 2000) seaside deputies explain Necessity of adoption of law by necessity of its reduction for conformity with the changed federal legislation on the state financial control and bodies of the state financial control. Debate around KSP has begun in Legislative Assembly committees in the end of the last year, and deputies were divided into two camps. Relatives of regional administration United Russia party members of Galust Ahojan and Peter Savchuk have offered, that KSP Primorski Territory became independent body, and the chairman of chamber was appointed deputies by a majority of votes on representation of the governor.

however practically always loyal regional administrations the parliament defended this time the point of view. if we have assigned chamber of regional administration who needs such Legislative Assembly? It then will not have possibility to check up an expenditure of budgetary funds. To supervise execution of the budget by regional administration owe body independent of it - the deputy of Legislative Assembly from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Vladimir Bespalov has explained a position of the majority of the colleagues. As he said, conclusions KSP about an expenditure of budgetary funds are frequently inconvenient to officials, therefore they would like to put chamber under the control. if we have made the decision which was lobbied by administration at us would not remain hardly probable not the basic lever of influence - one of deputies - the United Russia party members, wished to remain not named has told .

as a result yesterday the seaside parliament has passed in the first reading the law about KSP according to which the chamber receives the status of the legal person, but remains under Legislative Assembly control, the chairman of chamber is selected deputies on representation of the speaker of parliament. kontrolno - the Audit Chamber was initially created as control body of legislators. Therefore our problem was to keep it in this quality - its chairman Victor Gorchakov has explained the decision of seaside parliament. And the head of fraction an United Russia Vladimir Kurilov, having declared that the new law will allow to improve control over execution of the budget of Primorski Territory has suggested to allocate KSP with the right of the legislative initiative, and in the code about administrative offences to provide responsibility of officials for default of instructions KSP. vitse - the governor of Primorski Territory concerning internal policy Alexander Shemelev has commented on the decision of deputies short: We for that the chamber was working body, and not so it is important, as it is called . the Decisions accepted in the first reading and in third, sometimes differ - the official has noticed also. The second reading of the bill is planned for June.

KSP Legislative Assemblies of Primorski Krai are carried out by financial control over observance of conditions of allocation, reception, target use and return of budgetary funds, inspects local budgets - addressees of interbudgetary transfers from the regional budget, and also conducts audit of efficiency of use of means of the regional budget. In the report on results of work KSP for 2008 it is underlined that at control over budget execution it is established financial infringements for the sum of 928,7 million rbl., thus inefficient use of means has made 280,6 million rbl., illegal - 2,7 million rbl., no-purpose - 0,6 million rbl.

should be noticed that conclusions of auditors KSP quite often lead to scandalous resignations of the high-ranking officials. So, in May of last year after results of check of use of the means allocated from the regional budget to the regional state unitary enterprise " have been published; Primteploenergo In 2006 and in the first half of the year 2007, has retired and general director KGUP Sergey Vahnin has gone abroad. Auditors KSP have found out that the enterprise has admitted expenses which are inexpedient, for the sum of 35064,33 thousand rbl. including 268,8 thousand rbl. have been spent by mister Vahninym for employment the car during a finding on business trips in Moscow . As they say in report KSP, revealed last year auditors of chamber of infringement of financial discipline on KGU Public television of Primorski Krai (the damage to the regional budget has made 12887,1 thousand rbl.) have led also to dismissal of the general director of the enterprise of Elena Vladimirovoj.