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The head of Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources has found a solution of a problem of waste BTSBK

Financing of recycling of a waste from a bottom of Baikal, belonging Baikal TSBK, should carry out the authorities of the Irkutsk region and the company “ Kontinental Management “ (operates BTSBK), the minister of natural resources and ecology Yury Trutnev has informed journalists following the results of session of the Interdepartmental commission concerning lake protection, having added that financing should be made in a proportion 50 on 50.

Thus the minister has underlined that on financing of recycling of waste BTSBK money from the federal budget should not go. “ it is possible to go by a principle that the Irkutsk region asks money (on financing of recycling of a waste - IF) at the government of the Russian Federation, the government of the Russian Federation will ask money for the United Nations, and the United Nations - at the Lord. But then we never can solve this problem “ - the minister has told.

He also has noticed that the Irkutsk region does not show the sufficient initiative in the decision of this question and consequently also cannot count on the help from the state. “ it is convinced that the person can ask someone higher when it has completely formulated that it can make itself, and it is even better that it has already made. If the Irkutsk region in the report tells that it spends, for example, annually half-billion roubles within three years, but this money does not suffice, and consequently she asks from the help state then all would be on - to another “ - has told g - n Trutnev. The Irkutsk region, according to Yury Trutnev, yet does not undertake active steps under the decision of the given problem. “ when you ask, „that you have made“, and they tell „we the letter have directed in Minpromtorg“ it turns out, as in magazine “Crocodile“ of the Soviet period “ - the minister has told.