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Cucumber pappardelle under a water-melon hookah

Summer verandahs of the Moscow restaurants - new and updated

this year restaurants do not hasten to go out of doors, many of new verandahs expected by us and have not opened by the end of May. Meanwhile among those who has not had time to get to our traditional annual review, there should be main favourites of a season. Under our forecasts, summer verandahs new (that is opened not earlier than last summer) restaurants “ evenings Situated near Moscow “ , L ` Albero , “ the Beam “ , “ Ãóñÿòíèêîff “ and an incorporated platform of institutions “ Miles “ , “ Azhur “ and Chi it is guaranteed will enter into first ten informal Moscow a hit - parade open air.

However, and among already operating verandahs - absolutely new and essentially updated - there are obvious leaders. For example, restaurant Spettacolo with a huge verandah - a balcony on 100 places and a flat roof adjoining it, the area in 600 sq. m, as if specially created for magnificent “ eventov “ with a smart kind on Park of the Victory and mountain Poklonnuju. Verandah Spettacolo works already the second season, but this year its interior was completely updated. Furnish from wide boards of different tones, from honey to chocolate, ergonomic design armchairs and the sofas weaved from rotanga (round, rectangular and square), huge striped lamp shades and same multi-coloured divannye pillows, the shaggy thujas serving by a green fence between tables, and copper ventilating pipes. All it gives to verandah Spettacolo absolutely easy and at the same time expensive respectable kind. Along sofas the rack, the panel of the DJ take place kaljannaja, the place in a verandah end face is intended for shampan - a bar. Behind glass protections of a balcony energetic noise Kutuzovsky is heard. Behind windows in a building are seen restaurant with effective open kitchen and the VIP - cinema halls. Possibilities for carrying out of time weight - from lonely meditations in a wicker chair - egg and a thoughtful supper with good bellevue to a sociable campaign at cinema and a supper in a spectator armchair during a session. The last, however, is undesirable: new chief Spettacolo, Australian Dzhej Miller who has headed kitchen after Natali Horsting and Natanom Dallimorom, a married couple of chiefs Simañhev - bar, is worthy at least because the same as they, practised in rather dear private houses much, for example, three years fed owner Bvlgari in Italy, and in Moscow it has appeared, having left kitchen of rather dear private yacht in French riviera which name of the owner of Dzhej was obliged not to disclose. Now, sitting on summer verandah Spettacolo, any of us Paolo Bulgari can imagine itself any there and join kitchen of millionaires. In the menu - a squid “ Salt and pepper “ with smoked tomato salsoj, lemon ajoli and cucumber pappardelle (720 rbl.), salad with shrimps and a tangerine, chilli and fenhelem (680 rbl.), soup - bisk with a fresh Canadian lobster, tomato konkasse and garlick krutonami (all for 590 rbl.) and hardly the fried combs with salsoj from a pomegranate, mashed potatoes from kumina both a cauliflower and a lung kress - salad (880 rbl.). In a rank more “ simple “ Dzheja Miller`s dishes - chiabatta with mini - a stake, fried Spanish onions, rukoloj, ajoli with kernels gorchitsy Pommery, the French cheese Comte, vegetable marrows a grill and tomato chatni (510 rbl.), a pizza from the wood furnace with tomatoes, a hen, a potato and spinach (590 rbl.) or a lasagna with a royal crab, a cream - sauce from champagne and salad a frieze (920 rbl.) . Them, probably, first of all order in a cinema hall and open air in the afternoon. In our opinion, comments here izlishni...

Approximately in the same price and weight category summer platforms Kalina Bar on 21 - m floor Lotte Plaza act. The first of them - on a long balcony with a dizzy kind to Moscow from Academy of Sciences to a skyscraper on Barrikadnoj - works already the second season. The second has appeared directly under a huge inscription “ Lotte Plaza “ which, by the way, effectively shines a verandah with multi-coloured fires in the evenings. To get on a new verandah it is possible, leaving a hall of restaurant and having passed on a small empty corridor with office lifts (them, according to the manager, nobody uses). Places here it is less (nearby 30), but and atmosphere more chamber, cosy and weakened - tables low and wide, sofas and armchairs wattled, with multi-coloured plaids and pillows, everywhere than a tub with boxes. The colour scale too is warmer - cream, beige and brown tone have appeared rather to the person to coldish metal designs business - the centre. Parapets are not present so if to approach to a transparent fence and to look directly downwards, before eyes old Arbat lanes with sleepy court yard will appear. The general panoramic kind impresses even more strongly: all centre from a temple of the Christ of the Savior to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and further - a never-ending city to the horizon. Over both verandahs while there are no awnings - the continuous sky, but soon there should be marquises that hardly will do good bellevue, but will allow to sit in the street during a rain. For heat - heaters, lanterns are intended for entertainment - musical columns, but the most important is, of course, the summer menu from brilliant Massimiliano Gritti. To tell the truth, even if verandah Kalina Bar pritulilas on parkway Novinsky`s sidewalk directly near an operating building site, we all the same would recommend it to visiting for the sake of new summer dishes of the remarkable Italian chief. On snack the easiest is offered karpachcho from avocado with tomatoes konkase (590 rbl.) and weightless milfej from vegetables (670 rbl.). Then freshening soups - gaspacho (450 rbl.) and almond with skampi and botargoj (530 rbl.) follow. Neither a brazier, nor a grill on verandahs “ Guelder-roses “ no, but is black talolini with ruletom from dorado and shrimps (850 rbl.), nokki with rikottoj and spinach (560 rbl.) and rizotto with shrimps and a saffron (850 rbl.). And also - milfej with seafood and sauce from green peas (1550 rbl.), nonconventional ossobuko from a lamb (950 rbl.) and chicken Diabolo (890 rbl.) . And now imagine them against sunset rozovato - the lilac sky, in reflexions of flashing night fires, under drizzling noise of a warm July rain or with tender beams of the September ripe sun - and jackhammers any to you, exhaust gases and a building dust. Full delight!

it would Seem, and restaurant Opium in “ Barvikha Luxury Village “ got this year a summer platform, should feed the visitors with expensive delicacies in the spirit of the basic menu a la carte, well at least svezhevylovlennymi molluscs abalon and soup from swallow`s nests. And what else meal can be imagined in so respectable place? On the contrary, head cook Victor Bobylev treats street rublevskuju public to shish kebabs and chebureks in this summer. The summer platform amazes with the modesty and simplicity - a brazier under a canopy, tables under umbrellas, wattled rotangovye armchairs, napkins from straws instead of cloths. Well how here not to remember notorious crisis with a human face? All meal in summer Opium is so simple, however and is tasty, and the prices simply shock - perhaps, even in the ware markets to Medvedkovo and Birjulevo you will not find cheaper lagmana (250 rbl.), lobio (200 rbl.) and chebureks (150 rbl.) . It is necessary to recognise that in Bentley environment, Prada and Chopard these simple east viands make stronger effect, than after purchase of the Chinese down-padded coat on birjulevskoj to a flea market. Summer menu Opium, such idle time at first sight, actually extraordinary conceptually so becomes easy can logical end of shopping - a promenade on Luxury Village. If verandah Spettacolo gives to the visitors unique possibility to join the world luxury by means of exclusive kitchen, as though unostentatiously hinting that all of us a little bit Bulgari summer platform Opium allows the visitors who have just left with purchases from boutique Bvlgari, suddenly to feel modest Tadjik klinerom, or the dashing Azerbaijan driver, or even the silent Uzbek developer and to take pleasure in nourishing east meal with all its lovely details. Here to the aid are salad “ Achi - chuuk “ from the Tashkent tomatoes “ the bull heart “ With a red onions and pepper (200 rbl.), flat cakes obi - non (100 rbl.), eggplants, stuffed nuts, a brynza and the Armenian grasses (300 rbl.), friable plov from white rice nukus with mutton ziroj and a barberry (400 rbl.), juicy ljulja - kebab (400 rbl.), the mutton liver fried on coals with kurdjuchnym by fat (300 rbl.), samsa with a pumpkin (100 rbl.) and mutton (150 rbl.), manty with sour cream (250 rbl.) and even the mutton eggs with the mutton kidneys and field mushrooms under the timid name “ Jingles of Alladina “ (350 rbl.), and for a dessert - Tatar chak - chak (100 rbl.) . Besides, for days it is possible to make the order for special dishes (including on carrying out) on the presents barvihinskim to the prices: the leg of a lamb sustained in spices and prepared on a spit, for 5000 roubles and the whole kid, marinaded in grasses and also fried on a spit, for 12 000 roubles. It is necessary to add only that summer verandah Opium works not so long as it would be desirable - only from Thursday on Sunday and only with 11. 00 to 21. 00.

it is not sophisticated that after a street dinner in Barvikha the account on any summer verandah in the Garden ring will seem uniform “ obdiralovkoj “. Meanwhile practically all new restaurants try to do summer menus as much as possible accessible. And a verandah of younger sister Bistrot “ Osterii Montiroli “ did not become an exception. Its design is very simple: it is a rectangular wooden platform under a canopy, adjoining the bottom hall “ Osterii “ and become its street “ Branch “. All space from a floor to a ceiling “ it is larded “ fresh greens in uncountable floor and pendant pots. Racks with varenjami on which forty cooks of restaurant, banks with paste, a string bean, groats worked, a basket with old bottles of wine - all it urged to support atmosphere of a house cosiness on a verandah and at the same time is on sale “ on carrying out “. Unlike ancient buffet with ware and a dresser, the antiquarian floor lamps brought from Tuscany, and stone fake fontanchikov, alas, not exposed on sale. New summer dishes which have filled up the basic menu, cheap you will not name, especially if to consider that the main advantages “ osterijnoj “ verandahs - not unique bellevue and not exclusive design - the project, and an atypical noise isolation for city centre and cheerful brisk atmosphere. As to surroundings it is far enough from the Italian original, but a terrace “ Osterii Montiroli “ located in an internal patio between private residences on Big Nikitsky, it has appeared it is almost relieved of street noise and the cars parked in the neighbourhood, and it should be appreciated. The summer menu was created by chief Massimiliano Montiroli with obvious calculation on the wide range of consumers delikatesnyh Italian spetsialitetov. Among snack - karpachcho from a tuna with pink pepper (600 rbl.), brezaola from a foal with rukoloj and fresh field mushrooms (650 rbl.), proshutto from a wild lamb (700 rbl.) and, of course, a Parma ham of a rare grade “ Sacred Illario “ with a melon (800 rbl.). In section of pastes - summer lingvini with sauce from mussels and crude pekorino (650 rbl.) and a spaghetti with a saffron and two fresh cancers (850 rbl.). On hotter it is possible to order well-known taljattu from beef with rukoloj and parmesan (900 rbl.), a stake from a tuna on a grill with eggplants (900 rbl.) and a fillet branzino with the roasted potato (750 rbl.) . In a role of a summer dessert acts classical sabajon with fresh wood berries (550 rbl.) Is, of course, vpjatero more expensively chak - chaka in Barvikha, but it allows to be transferred mentally in Maremmu, instead of to Tatarstan.

on a gain of summer platforms of all has overtaken “ Mint “ - instead of one last year`s has opened whole three, and everyone has the appointment. Two new platforms adjoin a separate building of restaurant, it is literally two steps away from the New maiden monastery. Platforms adjacently - isolated, everyone with a separate input and that is especially important, with own spacious bathroom which has been specially built up to opening of a summer season. On small “ penaloobraznoj “ to a verandah the long wooden bar counter in serebristo - the lilac tones, painted with set dressers " takes place; Mosfilm “ and along it some sofas with tiny little tables tete - a - tete are a so-called zone welcome. The big rectangular verandah (pay attention to high ceilings thanks to which here never happens it is stuffy) in beige tones - with rotangovoj furniture, silvery racks - partitions and two huge chandeliers - is intended first of all for meal. The verandah is adjoined by the open grill integrated into the basic premise of restaurant on which work specially invited grilmeny. In summer repertoire “ Mints “ not too expensive and rather adequately executed Moscow hits - from a black cod (850 rbl.) to salad olive with a female quail (350 rbl.), from a stake ribaj on a grill (350 rbl. for 100) to befstroganov with mashed potatoes and a pickle (490 rbl.), from gaspacho with tartarom from a salmon (290 rbl.) to Russian okroshka (250 rbl.) prevail . In a word, to each sister on earrings. That verandah that works already two seasons, has received the name “ kaljannaja “ also represents the small it is brown - claret chil - a miss with soft sofas, low convenient tables, the Uzbek pillows and air draperies on perimetre. Here come specially on hookahs among which special demand use fruit, and almost always with fresh mint and mint tobacco in a blend. For example, “ Mohito “ (a flask: fresh mint and lajm; a cap: grapefruit, tobacco on a choice - 1400 rbl.), “ Pineapple paradise “ (a flask: a pineapple syrup and mint; a cap: fresh pineapple, tobacco on a choice - 2500 rbl.) and the highlight of the program “ the Imperial water-melon “ - in it instead of a flask the water-melon filled water-melon freshem with sparkling water is used, as a cap grapefruit, tobacco on a choice (5000 rbl.) serves . Usually for a day here smoke about 50 hookahs. Certainly, also eat too - during a lunch all sofas are jam-packed, first of all foreigners. The affinity to the New maiden monastery provides “ to Mint “ - individuals that does atmosphere open air not on - local unchained, for what it is instantly possible to forgive a never-ending stream of Intourists and a homebrew Mosfilm decor, and slow service. In general, by the way, the western restaurant public much more terpimee ours - it is ready to wait for the order, without glancing every second on hours, does not try to shut companies to the sobbing children (and the stranger and for a long time) and does not vent the saved up negative energy on waiters. So we should follow it an example, why and not in “ to Mint “.

Has got the second summer verandah and Clumba Ñlub . The first, we will remind, settles down in hundred metres from restaurant, directly in Cook street. The second verandah has appeared this summer directly near an input in restaurant, in narrow pass to the left of an input in film actor Theatre. On our taste, it has appeared cosier, elegant and accurate owing to the diminutiveness and remoteness from the next houses and proezzhej parts. On perimetre of a small wooden scaffold there are beds with decorative bushes. Under white umbrellas - only five little tables. To placesja here can it is equal twenty persons. The brown leather chairs exposed on street, figured pillows, white with brown cloths are organically entered in an institution interior thanking design - to the project of known architect Valery Lizunova which was designed by restaurant and both verandahs as a unit. The space created inside Clumba Club, organically flows outside. The menu at both verandahs one, and in this season head cook Nikolay Bakunov amazes again with the original ideas. One salad from apricots, tomatoes, rukoly and the goat cheese shevr valensaj that costs! (In monetary units - 690 rbl.). On - former the chief is fond vegetable sorbetami: from tomatoes - as an accessory to tomatoes konfit with a mozzarella (680 rbl.), from rukoly and balzamika - as addition to stroganine from beef (600 rbl.), and timbal from duck grudki decorates... An apple fruit candy (800 rbl.) . Not less original combinations of the summer menu - karpachcho from a salmon and sibasa, experimentally “ crossed “ with the Armenian cheese tubs, fresh vegetables, salad leaves and greens (680 rbl.), and the Uzbek variation rizotto, or, perhaps, Italian “ plov “ - with mutton, a pumpkin and a quince (800 rbl.). For conservative-minded citizens in section of hot snack there are the morels fried with cherri, a potato and sour cream (450 rbl.), the mutton sausage and potroshki in an unleavened wheat cake (610 rbl.), the veal brains in panirovke (430 rbl.) and sea combs again - taki with seasonal morels (700 rbl.). By the way, the same delikatesnye mushrooms appear and in soup from chestnuts and fua - gra (810 rbl.). On hotter Nikolay Bakunov recommends pork grudinku in honey sauce with pineapple (510 rbl.) and the mutton edges on a grill with Kenyan beans with - nota bene! - podlivoj from decoys (580 rbl.) . All desserts “ Beds “ on - summer are easy and fresh - dynno - imbirnyj soup with sorbe from a basil (450 rbl.), grejpfrutovoe semifreddo with dynno - strawberry tartarom and klubnichno - rozmarinovym sauce (450 rbl.) and ice-cream “ Mohito “ with a sweet cherry, a blackberry, a bilberry and a granite from mint (450 rbl.). And on - former in Clumba Ñlub operates with the menu for doggies the input with which on both summer verandahs, certainly, is resolved.

new restaurant “ Suharevka Beer “ has not been presented yet to our readers (in detail about it - in the following number), and still we have decided to include it in our review because not so it is a lot of in the centre of Moscow of beer restaurants which can brag of a summer verandah in the closed court yard which is a part of city manor of a XVIII-th century. (Could “ Ãóñÿòíèêîff “ but it has not opened yet, yes and not beer at all.) Besides co-ordinates of it open air should be foreknown - passing across Mira prospectus, you hardly will notice it, so, and will not appear on the enormous terrace under dark - a green roof, with “ beer “ the sofas fitted by rough flax, wooden chairs and colour tables evenge, the sea of live greens and, the main thing, - with ten plasma panels and the huge projector, intended for football and other sports translations. Perhaps, this unique possibility “ to be ill “ directly in the open air, absorbing thus obzhigajushche - cold ice-cream (200 rbl. for three balls) or drinking ice beer (from 80 to 310 rbl. for a floor - a litre mug) does a verandah “ Suharevki “ especially attractive for man`s community from three to eight-ten. However, here it is possible to move quite pleasantly time, and without being the Italian football fan. Directly opposite to a verandah doors of a bar with brilliant cranes from which fresh beer of 35 grades flows are wide open, and it even to the Moscow measures is rather impressive (unless Beer Market can brag twice of the big assortment of beer on draught, but there and stop - sheet never is empty). In the menu - every possible salads, including “ Foreste “ from a chicken liver with a crackling potato, green salad leaves and mustard refuelling (380 rbl.), “ Crab “ with chips from cheese parmesan and Japanese rice (320 rbl.), salad from pork grudinki with fresh spinach and egg pashot (380 rbl.), “ Caesar “ (380 rbl.), “ Nisuaz “ (380 rbl.), well and olive (260 rbl.) with “ the Mimosa “ (320 rbl.), certainly. There are live cancers, truth, dorogushchie (160 rbl. for a piece), chishchennaja a vobla (350 rbl.), rye grenki with garlic (140 rbl.) And other indispensable attributes of a brutal beer feast, up to pork edges, marinaded in beer, with a slice of a fried apple, a red onions and French fries (420 rbl.) and the golden carp fried to a crisp (480 rbl.) .

Well and at last, last verandah to which we have paid attention that and to you we wish, - Courvoisier . If earlier this institution superpopular in youth simply exposed on sidewalk tables and chairs, and to them in addition - a bar counter as if action is developed not on a fire-spitting Garden ring and where - nibud on pljas de L ` the Opera now it has got in addition the closed verandah attached to restaurant. And though the new construction rather bears a faint resemblance magnificent modernist “ pieces of glass “ Parisian the grandee - cafe, nevertheless it has considerably facilitated a fate of that public which has already stepped over a thirty-year age boundary that is why has irrevocably lost children`s vivacity of the imagination, allowing to make out in a smog of the central Moscow highway romantic abris the Parisian parkway and to catch through howl “ sirens “ and a roar of motors a bewitching melody of the French harmonic. Besides from within new verandah Courvoisier looks much more attractive, than outside. Wooden tables and the benches thrown soft shokoladno - brown pillows and located strictly in one line, wicker chairs and brown lamp shades, decorative glass spheres and uncountable windows with freely opening transoms quite could “ to equip “ itself modest family brasserie. The pleasant sensation of authenticity supports summer menu Courvoisier in which are presented a sandwich “ Caesar “ with chicken grudkoj on a grill, salad an iceberg, a fresh tomato and parmesan (330 rbl.), soup gaspacho (220 rbl.) and house semifreddo with chocolate, caramel and almonds (220 rbl.). All these dishes have the absolute European status, and they can be met in streets of Paris. Well and sandwiches “ Krok - mese “ (195 rbl.) and “ Krok - madam “ (220 rbl.) Which move with salad and French fries, - in general classics of a genre the same as onions soup (150 rbl.) and chicken grudka a grill with ratatuem (320 rbl.). After them it is possible even to get over with a coffee cup for a little table on sidewalk, without feeling thus any discomfort, whistling “ Sous le ciel de Paris “ the Willow Montana and with a wandering smile observing, as around eat lagman with mutton (220 rbl.), rice noodles with a hen karri (350 rbl.), salad “ Capital “ with language and cancer necks (350 rbl.), a lasagna a bolognese (310 rbl.) and kutaby with matsoni (280 rbl.).