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The pilot has overestimated the forces

In the Tyumen interdistrict investigatory department on transport the report of Interstate aviation committee (POPPY) which has drawn the conclusion about the possible reasons of wreck of helicopter R - 44 (" has arrived; Robinson ) An event in March of last year in Nizhnevartovsk area Hunts - Mansijsky autonomous region. Then two persons were lost. According to experts the POPPY, the error of the pilot who has overestimated the forces in the conditions of low visibility was an accident principal cause, most likely.
we will remind, the four-seater helicopter belonging to the company on designing, building and service of pipelines of the Self-Tlorsky deposit AMK - Vigas has disappeared on March, 2nd, 2008. It made flight on a route of Ust - the Jagussky deposit - the Self-Tlorsky deposit in Nizhnevartovsk area Hunts - Mansijsky autonomous region. On its board there was pilot Yury Jatsenko and the director AMK - Vigas Alexander Smirnov. In the Ministry of Emergency Measures about helicopter disappearance have learnt after some days as the helicopter departure has not been authorised and when communication with " has interrupted; Robinsonom its searches were organised by employees of the company. The rescue operation lasted about one month and in April has been stopped, and upon loss criminal case on ch has been brought. 3 items 263 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Infringement of safety rules of operation of air transport ) . In July fragments of the helicopter and remains of both men have been found in 3 km from a launch place ( has informed on it on August, 1st, 2008).

As has told the senior assistant administrator of transport investigatory management Irina Sarkisyan, from the documents received from the POPPY follows that accident was the result of reduction of turns of the bearing screw of the helicopter. experts consider that the engine stop, most likely, has occurred from - for erroneous actions of the pilot. Probably, it has lost orientation in space as flied at night and tried to level the aircraft, as has led to wreck - Irina Sarkisyan has noted.

in the conclusion the POPPY also is said that factors which have aggravated a catastrophic situation are defined: The unreasonable decision of the commander of the aircraft which does not have the admission to night flights to carry out flight after darkness approach, revaluation by the pilot of the possibilities owing to what it has not made landing after return on a departure point, and has made the decision on flight continuation.

sources in investigating bodies have noticed that in the near future, most likely, criminal case on the given fact will be closed, as the basic suspect - the commander of the aircraft Yury Jatsenko was lost. Yesterday to receive comments in AMK - Vigas it was not possible - company phones did not answer.

, Ekaterinburg