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Perm vitse - the speaker has interfered with business about ice-cream waste

As it became known the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Perm edge has brought accusation to businessman Grigory Shulkinu, the father vitse - the speaker of regional Legislative Assembly of edge Ilya Shulkina. Instigation to assignment and waste of ice-cream from Open Company " is incriminated to the businessman; the Trading house Constellation for the sum of 487 thousand rbl. As has confirmed Ilya Shulkin, this fact became one of the reasons of its recent performance when vitse - the speaker has sharply scarified work of militia of edge and its chief Yury Gorlova.
Vitse - speaker Ilya Shulkin has acted with criticism of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Perm edge at the plenary session which has taken place one week ago of regional Legislative Assembly. Then after the report of the chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs the general - the lieutenant of militia Yury Gorlova about a legality condition in region a word took mister Shulkin. The deputy, in particular, has declared: Abusings in structure of law-enforcement bodies have got system character . Then vitse - the speaker has cited as an example a number as he has told, excesses and attacks with participation of employees of the Department of Internal Affairs on the enterprises of the Perm edge . As a result vitse - the speaker has urged to accept the reference to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Rashidu Nurgalievu with the request to spend complex check of the Perm militia and to take measures to legality and law and order maintenance in Prikamye. The majority of deputies have not supported this initiative, and general Gorlov named performance the order .

we Will notice that shortly before Legislative Assembly session the investigatory part of the main investigatory management at the regional Municipal Department of Internal Affairs has brought accusation to businessman Grigory Shulkinu, the father vitse - the speaker. The militia incriminates 61 - to summer mister Shulkinu - to the senior ch. 4 items 33 and ch. 3 items 160 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Instigation to assignment or the waste, made by the person with use of the office position in the large size ) . On versions of the investigation, a crime it has been made during the period from the end of July till September, 2007. As the inspectors, incited by businessman Shulkinym the director of Open Company " consider; TD Constellation Snezhana Kosjuk has appropriated the ice-cream which was in the trading house which owner was businessman Evgenie Beljaev, and then has illegally shipped production to individual businessman Shulkina. From a total sum in 487 thousand rbl. obtained from realisation of illegally shipped stolen production 170 thousand rbl., is told in business, mister Shulkin - the senior in September, 2007 has transferred to the director Constellations .

Investigation of this business has begun on July, 16th, 2008 after during the investigation of raised before criminal case about plunders of ice-cream concerning madam Kosjuk new episodes in which participated " have been revealed; unstated persons . On December, 3rd Grigory Shulkin has been detained, however, the court has refused next day to a consequence arrest of the businessman, and it is since then under a subscription about nevyezde.

yesterday Ilya Shulkin has confirmed that its critical performance to regional militia directly is connected with criminal case of his father. it was one of motives of performance, - mister Shulkin - younger has told. - unique fault of my father that his son - the deputy and vitse - the speaker .

, Perm