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the Relative of the president has seized newspapers and has run in KGB

In Tskhinvali employees of KGB of South Ossetia have detained yesterday the teacher Southern - Osset university Fatimu Margievu and the North Ossetia legal expert Vissariona Aseev. Them have accused of attempt of failure of parliamentary elections in South Ossetia, planned for May, 31st.
yesterday in the morning Fatima Margieva left the house with the big package filled with copies of the oppositional newspaper the Position published in Vladikavkaz. at it sick heart, and it makes every morning jog on park, - has told the acquaintance of madam Margievoj Vladislav Kozaev. - It has left newspapers on a bench in park, and itself has run. When has looked back, has seen, how the relative of president Kokojty has approached to a bench, has seized newspapers and has run in KGB .

In half an hour four cars of local KGB have approached on the house of madam Margievoj - security officers have begun a search in the house. By this time the teacher has had time to call acquaintances, and the North Ossetia legal expert Vissarion Aseev has approached to its house. In KGB have taken away both.

in an hour of mister Aseev have released. I have gone to the house of Fatimy Margievoj because to me have informed that at it the search is conducted, - he has told . - Kagebeshniki have seized me and have jostled in the car. Already in KGB when they have seen my passport with the North Ossetia residence permit, me have told that me release . According to mister Aseev, Fatimu Margievu have detained, because it extended any materials . On my question, whether something contained in these materials illegal, the inspector has told that does not know, - the legal expert speaks. - I think that if it will want to plant, will plant. At a search in a room of her son have found the weapon. But in Tskhinvali in each house there is a weapon, and on everyone at desire it is possible to open case .

to find out the newspaper maintenance for which, most likely, and madam Margieva, " has been detained; has tried to contact KGB of South Ossetia, but the person on duty, having heard a question, has hung up. A source in government JUO has told: It extended any leaflets of the antistate maintenance so under its law had the right to detain .

the Editor-in-chief of the newspaper the Position Ahsar Kochiev has told that the third number of the newspaper, which circulation was at madam Margievoj, did not contain any appeals to overthrow of the power and other illegal appeals . In the newspaper my reference to the people of South Ossetia that elections will be forged contained, - mister Kochiev speaks. - I lean against words of the leader of Communist Party of South Ossetia Slavika Kochieva who in the presence of several witnesses has told to me that the appearance threshold will not be overcome, therefore it is necessary to throw bulletins. They know that people do not believe them that people will not go on elections, and want all to deceive .

the Former public prosecutor of South Ossetia Ahsar Kochiev in 2008 has entered the conflict to the president of republic and has been compelled to leave to Vladikavkaz. He considers that after parliamentary elections in South Ossetia there will be no mechanisms for public pressure on president Kokojty. the Case with Margievoj has shown once again that in South Ossetia cruelly pursue any heterodoxy - mister Kochiev considers.

In the afternoon at KGB building has gathered about 20 local residents who tried to achieve clearing of Fatimy Margievoj. We stand all the day long, but to us nobody left, - has told One of protesting Liva Tedeeva. - By us there has passed assistant Kokojty Kostja Dzugaev, but he has told that anything cannot make . Here there are awful things, - other inhabitant of Tskhinvali Irina Kozaeva is indignant. - If someone something will tell bad about the president or about elections, it at once cause in KGB. At us at all 37 - j year, and is worse .

in the Evening of KGB of South Ossetia has extended the statement for arrest of madam Margievoj on the basis illegal storage in its home ownership of the weapon and ammunition and also leaflets and leaflets the antigovernmental maintenance . Concerning the arrested person criminal case is brought. It means that Fatima Margieva on freedom does not leave at least before parliamentary elections.