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KGB leaves Sukhumi

Yesterday it became known that the vice-president of Abkhazia Raul Hadzhimba retires. Most likely, this decision is the beginning of election campaign of mister Hadzhimby which intends to stand in presidents on elections in republic in the end of 2009. However, in Abkhazia in Raul Hadzhimby`s resignation many have seen a hand of Moscow.
for the first time the information on Raul Hadzhimby`s preparing resignation has appeared in the Internet - edition Iron Times. As informed the edition, resignation of the vice-president of Abkhazia has happened on Tuesday. This information has confirmed also a source in the government of Abkhazia: It actually did not accept for a long time participation in government activity .

The vice-president, as a matter of fact, has confirmed yesterday that is going to retire. the statement (about resignation. - ) it has been made at last session of security council of republic, however while I officially did not declare it, - Raul Hadzhimba " has declared; to Interfax . - When the final decision then the corresponding statement " will be made will be accepted;. Mister Hadzhimba does not make comments on motives of the decision.

in Sukhumi believe that Raul Hadzhimby`s leaving is for it the beginning of campaign for presidential elections which will take place in the end of 2009. We will remind that in the autumn of 2004 mister Hadzhimba, the former personnel employee of KGB of the USSR, supervising republic special services, already stood in presidents of Abkhazia - and has lost to Sergey Bagapsh. Then he named itself(himself) the most Prorussian candidate and even accused the competitor of the Progeorgian sympathies. Even after defeat on elections mister Hadzhimba continued to be considered as the person of Moscow. However recently has, seemingly, decided to begin the game. All knew that it has not left hopes to become the president, - tells a source in the government of Abkhazia. - and as soon as he has understood that there was a discontent in the people actions of the authorities has decided to leave, having begun political strike .

However, in Abkhazia do not exclude that the Kremlin could affect Raul Hadzhimby`s decision. The republic authorities suspect, what exactly the vice-president stands up for activization of the Abkhazian opposition which even has addressed one of these days to the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev with the complaint to president Bagapsh - according to opponents, it does not consider national interests of Abkhazia in transactions concluded with Moscow. Reproaches of opposition to mister Bagapsh were caused also by its intention to start up investors from the Russian Federation in water area of Black sea, on a shelf of Ochamchiry where presumably there are oil and gas stocks. Next day after the opposition reference in Sukhumi the contract between the Abkhazian president and the company " has been concluded; Rosneft About investigation and working out of gas fields and oil on a shelf of Abkhazia. Experts consider that thus Moscow has shown abhazam, on whose it to the party in the civil opposition which has arisen in republic.

in the Abkhazian opposition too see in happened the Moscow trace. there is a suspicion that on it Moscow in order to avoid an aggravation of an internal political situation presses, - has declared the editor-in-chief of a site of Party of economic development of Abkhazia Roin Agrba. - I Think, the vice-president is not agreed with Bagapsh policy which consists in words: After us though a flood .

Anyhow, resignation of mister Hadzhimby means that the list of candidates on a post of the president of Abkhazia on elections coming in December has replenished, and now in it at least three figures is mister Hadzhimba, president Bagapsh both the known Abkhazian businessman and the owner of a broadcasting company the Abaze Beslan Butba. Bagapsh, probably, will win these elections, - the political scientist, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper " considers; Chegemsky truth Inal Hashig. - But next five years will be for it very heavy because the discontent with its Promoscow policy will grow in a society. And in what will result this discontent while it is not known - the people at us hot, and to frighten us something difficultly .