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Gazprom plunges into oil

Affiliated companies Gazprom will soon deduce monopoly for level of oil recovery of the average oil companies. Belonging to monopoly Vostokgazprom has begun extraction of industrial oil in the Tomsk region. Thus, the monopoly has come nearer to level Russnefti and Bashnefti .
Yesterday Open Society Vostokgazprom on 99 % belonging to Gazprom has informed on the beginning of extraction of industrial oil on Kazan neftegazokondensatnom a deposit. As have explained in the company, by the end of current year Vostokgazprom expects to extract 260 thousand tons of oil. By 2012 after commissioning of several nearby deposits of Southern group extraction will grow to 1 million tons of liquid hydrocarbons. The gas production volume remains at former level - nearby 3 mlrd cubic metre. According to the chairman of board of directors Vostokgazproma Michael Seredy, by 2019 the company expects to leave on extraction level in 10 mlrd cubic metre of gas and 5 million tons of oil a year.

Vostokgazprom conducts commercial operation gazokondensatnyh the deposits possessing difficult geological structure. The companies belong to the licence on Kazan, East - Myldzhinsky, Ostaninsky, Chkalovsky, Prohorkinsky, Rybalnyj and Karandashovsky sites. Gas production in 2008 has made 2,9 mlrd cubic metre of gas and 290,2 thousand tons of a gas condensate.

oil recovery for Gazprom - not profile business. It is engaged in Open Society Gazprom oil to which almost licences are transferred to all oil deposits of monopoly. According to an estimation for 2007 De Golyer and Mac Naughton, the proved and probable stocks of oil Gazprom without taking into account oil Gazprom have made 286,9 million tons. Data for 2008 will be published only in June. As have noted in Gazprom within the limits of the general strategy on oil recovery the company plans to extract 100 million tons of raw materials by 2020. According to TSDU thermal power station, oil recovery Gazprom without taking into account oil Gazprom in 2008 has made 12,7 million tons. It is comparable to annual extraction Bashnefti (11 million tons) and hardly is less than level of production Russnefti (14 million tons). The basic manufacturers are Gazprom extraction by Urengoj (4,8 million tons) and Gazprom extraction Astrakhan (4,2 million tons).

Analyst IFD Kapital Vitaly Krjukov notices that Gazprom tries to divide as much as possible gas and oil business in group. all basic oil licences or are already transferred or of transfer " are in process; oil Gazprom . However small deposits with small oil recovery can remain on balance of the head company, as if licence mixed, to be engaged in its transfer enough hlopotno - he speaks. In this case Gazprom oil can represent itself as the operator. artem Deaths from UniCredit explains that Gazprom oil obtains licences or for separate oil deposits, or for sites where oil dominates over other hydrocarbons and where it is better to apply extraction experience oil Gazprom .