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The European Reconstruction and Development Bank has deserved trust of the Russian government

the Government can simplify an order of the admission of large investors in strategic branches. Probably, similar offers will be already discussed at following session of the governmental commission on inoinvestitsijam in the beginning of June. It is supposed that exclusive investors for whom it will be provided simplified and accelerated coordination procedure, there is an European bank of reconstruction and development, and also the International financial corporation - investment division of the World bank.
next, the third under the account, session of the governmental commission on inoinvestitsijam which should take place last Tuesday, is transferred for June, 8th. On it have informed in Federal antimonopoly service. To commission session 11 petitions, including the holding petition " are submitted; the Base element and Glencore on purchase NK Russneft And Nafta Moskva - on purchase of a controlling interest of Open Society the Pole Gold . The question on simplification of an order of the coordination of transactions for the large, well proved investors with foreign state participation can become One more possible point in the commission agenda.

as has informed a source familiar with a course of work of the commission, the European bank of reconstruction and development (European Reconstruction and Development Bank) and the International financial corporation can count on the simplified procedure (IFC) - the division of the World bank which is engaged in direct investments (the World bank gives credits only to the states). Among possible indulgences - increase of a share of the actions demanding the coordination. Today the company should co-ordinate acquisition with foreign state participation more than 5 % of actions of the extracting enterprise working on a strategic deposit. The new order can increase a package demanding the coordination more than twice.

Yesterday have en face refused to make comments on new procedure, but have informed that support the simplified order of the coordination for diligent investors . In the European Reconstruction and Development Bank have declared that for a long time carry on with the Russian government negotiations for the accelerated and simplified procedure of the coordination of investments into strategic branches. we are glad to hear from you news that such decision prepares - has declared the representative of the Moscow branch of the European Reconstruction and Development Bank Richard Uollis, having noticed that the Russian government promised to meet for a long time bank. Thus before acceptance by the government of the corresponding decision in the European Reconstruction and Development Bank have refused to make comments, in what will consist accelerated and simplified coordination procedure. Anyway in the European Reconstruction and Development Bank with impatience procedure simplification wait - in 2009 the bank plans to invest $3 billion in the Russian economy Means will be directed to financial sector, the industry, small-scale business and even in oil and gas sector - on the decision of environmental problems, power efficiency increase, economy of power resources.

investment plans IFC in Russia are more modest and are estimated in hundred millions dollars. In IFC have declared that know about government intention to initiate the amendment to the law About inoinvestitsijah however the government of the Russian Federation with IFC did not discuss a new order of the coordination and sphere of its application.

to realise offers on introduction of the simplified procedure it is possible or amendments to the law About inoinvestitsijah or the statement the governmental order of a new order of the coordination for separate categories of investors within the limits of the current legislation. It is not excluded, however, that the third way will be chosen. As has informed a source en face, the amendments providing simplified procedure of the coordination, can be introduced not in law N 57 About inoinvestitsijah and in law N 160 About foreign investments into the Russian Federation . In the White house officially have not confirmed expansion of the summons of session of the commission on inoinvestitsijam. However sources in the government have informed that preparation for law change About inoinvestitsijah has already begun. However, while it is a question only of guarantees for the investors involved in the Olympic building.

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