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Vasily Ojun has left under the consent

the Speaker of legislative chamber of a great hural of Tuva Vasily Ojun voluntary has combined the powers. Deputies have confirmed its resignation by a majority of votes. Leaving of the speaker became execution of the decision of regional political council of branch an United Russia in Tuva which past Friday has obliged deputies - United Russia party members konsolidirovanno to vote for clearing of Ojuna of a post . Political scientists believe that after resignation of mister Ojuna resignation of the head of republic Sholbana Kara - oola will follow.
At yesterday`s session of legislative chamber of Tuva Vasily Ojuna`s statement for voluntary retirement from a post of the speaker to deputies was presented by its assistant Vitaly Valkov who conducted sessional session. Mister Ojun did not begin to make comments on the decision to deputies. However, anybody from colleagues also did not ask to explain the reason. As a result the majority (31 - for Mister Ojun did not vote only) deputies have voted for resignation of the speaker.

Vasily Ojuna`s leaving actually became execution of the party decision of regional political council of branch an United Russia (ER) in Tuva which past Friday has obliged deputies - United Russia party members konsolidirovanno to vote for clearing of Ojuna of a post . Commission default it will be regarded as the roughest infringement of norms of the party charter and discipline - it was told in circulation partkonferentsii. Also on Friday 44 - summer Vasily Ojun has been excluded from party ER. By words a press - the secretary of branch Stanislav Kotrutsy, the speaker conducted destructive to the politician, the leader to contention and opposition of branches of the government . The assistant to the secretary of presidium gensoveta an United Russia Sergey Neverov who was taking part in session of chamber, has informed that gensovet has supported an exception of party of the Tuva speaker. We will remind, now on a judgement of Kyzyl Vasily Ojun temporarily was is discharged of duties of the speaker in connection with criminal case excitation on ch. 2 items 286 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Excess of powers of office ) .

election of the chairman of legislative chamber became the Second question of the agenda of yesterday`s session. Vasily Ojun has presented a nominee of assistant Vitaly Valkova on this post: We perfectly know it. We work together already long time. I think, Vitaly Valkov does not need recommendations. I ask to support its nominee and to spend voting by show of hands . A member of fraction an United Russia Vitaly Bartyna - Gardens, in turn, has added that the party leadership recommends Vitaly Valkova`s nominee for a post of the chairman of legislative chamber and urges members of fraction ER to vote in the lower chamber for it. It is interesting that deputies from Fair Russia have offered on a post of the speaker of the candidate - Boris Balchy - oola, however it took rejection, having referred that the question was not considered neither at fraction session, nor at conference of regional branch of party. As a result Boris Balchy - ool has been appointed by the vice-president of legislative chamber.

Deputies-United Russia party members are assured that Vasily Ojuna did not have other exit, except how to resign. United Russia party member Vitaly Bartyna-Sady believes that voluntary retirement is an attempt of mister Ojuna it is beautiful to leave . All to it also went. Within two years it did not execute decisions gensoveta, conducted the destructive policy. Now there is a decision gensoveta, local executive committee and delegates of party conference who have obliged all party members to oust Ojuna. Even if he also has not written the application, all the same it would remove - the mister Bartyna-gardens is assured.

a member Fair Russia deputy Victor Molin predicts that after the speaker the post will be left by the chairman of the government of Republic Tuva Sholban Kara - ool. We connect the today`s decision of Ojuna with change of a management of republic as a whole. The post should leave and Sholban the Penalty - ool that there was no opposition, there were no winners and won, - such is the decision of the federal centre. Heads executive and legislature in republic should exchange. Vasily Majolovich (Ojun. - ) the mandate of the speaker, the Penalty composes - oola dismiss - Molina`s mister has told. He has added that the federal centre will not leave simply so that happens with Narusovoj . This all Sholban Valerevich (the Penalty - ool. - ) has made, such things do not forgive in the Kremlin - Molina`s mister has added. In its opinion, within the next few days Sholban the Penalty - ool should resign. as Vasily Majolovich has found courage, and it will combine. Is not present - means, it will simply release - Molina`s mister has concluded. In the government of Tuva this information have not confirmed, having declared that The such cannot be . This subjective opinion of deputies which are close to the former speaker - have informed in a press - service of the Tuva government.

political scientists do not exclude that resignation of the Tuva speaker will be followed by resignation of the head of republic Sholbana Kara - oola. the Nominee of Sholbana the Penalty - oola has been presented as compromise to put an end to scrapes in Tuva, to clan struggle, opposition between executive and legislative branches of the power, to scrapes inside an United Russia . However it has not consulted. I do not exclude that its resignation will soon follow also, and in Tuva will be appointed some kind of the anti-recessionary managing director, the unbiassed person from the federal centre - political scientist Sergey Zhabinsky predicts.