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“ Strojbeton “ and PEAK have got to process

the Mayoralty of Omsk has directed the next claims to the building companies about collecting of debts under lease contracts of the ground areas given under a housing estate. This time claims for the sum of 910 million rbl. are shown to DSK “ Strojbeton “ and Joint-Stock Company “ PEAK - Western Siberia “. Before the mayoralty it was possible to collect from the company “ Rusanton “ 720 million rbl. under the similar contract. Builders and experts consider that “ a hard line “ officials will not do good neither to building branch, nor the city.
yesterday on an official site of the Omsk mayoralty there was an information that the department of property relations has addressed in arbitration court of the Omsk region with the statement of claim about collecting of debts from Open Company “ House-building industrial complex (DSK) “Strojbeton“ “ and Joint-Stock Company “ PEAK - Western Siberia “ under lease contracts of the ground areas. The total sum of claims to these companies has made almost 910 million rbl. the Comment of the representative of department yesterday it was not possible to receive. Earlier and a management of this structural division of the mayoralty, and the mayor of Omsk Victor Shrejder underlined that from - for non-payments on rent of the ground areas “ city budget has missed more than 1 mlrd rbl. and it should be corrected towards reduction “.

As informed „“, in the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008 one of the largest Omsk builders “ PEAK - Western Siberia “ (the PEAK) and DSK " enters into the Moscow group; Strojbeton “ have acquired the right on long-term (10 years) rent in Omsk of the ground areas. “ Strojbeton “ planned on a platform in 164 hectares on city suburb to construct residential area “ Amur “ a total area of 1 million in sq. m, having enclosed in the project otsenochno $1,1 billion The group PEAK intended to erect in an inundated part of Irtysh on a site in 293 hectares of even more habitation - 2,5 million in sq. m. And this microdistrict to 90 thousand the inhabitants, received the name “ the Solar valley “ has entered under the council decision at the president of the Russian Federation on realisation of priority projects into number of six pilot platforms of housing construction in Omsk. Experts estimated then necessary volume of investments into the project approximately in $2,7 billion the General rent of the companies for using the ground areas has made accordingly 1,174 mlrd rbl. and 1,55 mlrd rbl.

Both companies at first zealously undertook performance of the Omsk plans. PEAK with attraction Singapore Surbana International Pte. Ltd has developed the microdistrict project, and “ Strojbeton “ even has begun building of six large-panel many-storeyed houses on 60 thousand in sq. m. But from - for an economic crisis investors not only have suspended works on projects for uncertain time, but also have ceased to pay a current rent for the earth. “ we have lost any resources for the development, therefore have been compelled to suspend building on “Amur“ “ - chairman of board of directors DSK " has told yesterday „“; Strojbeton “ Oleg Zolotov.

the mayoralty carried on negotiations with builders in hope to stir up their activity on development of sites. In particular, in December, 2008 mayor Victor Shrejder, referring to results of last meeting with company management PEAK, has optimistically declared that the investor “ will find possibility and on debts to pay off, and to start project realisation “. However in May the department of property relations has directed statements of claim to arbitration. Claims to “ Strojbetonu “ have made 556,2 million rbl., to “ PEAK - Western Siberia “ - Over 350 million rbl.

As mister Zolotov has informed yesterday, the arbitration court has suspended consideration of the claim of department before decision-making under the claim brought earlier by the company to department. “ we ask to recognise validity of rent of the disputable ground area void of - for numerous infringements at auction carrying out “ - the top - manager DSK has told, having explained that, in particular, “ the site has not been generated “.

we Will notice that the department has already won similar dispute against one large building company - Open Company “ Financial group “Πσρΰνςξν“ “ which is engaged in microdistrict development “ New Chukreevka “. The decision of arbitration court on collecting from the company of 720 million rbl. of rent payments on May, 20th has come into force.

according to experts, so “ a hard line “ officials will not do good neither to building branch, nor the city. “ Wildly in present conditions to expose to builders such requirements, compelling to think of business turning in Omsk “ - the director of management of commercial real estate of Open Company " has declared „“; Miel - Brokeridzh “ Alexander Stukov. He considers that “ the mayoralty and builders - investors should search for compromises, for example, to make the decision on re-structuring of debts “. With the expert Oleg Zolotov agrees also: “ to Understand a city administration, of course, it is possible, but hardly will do good to a city if we, without having now possibility to liquidate a debt, in general we will throw a site in which have already enclosed about 600 million rbl. “. In Joint-Stock Company “ PEAK - Western Siberia “ to make comments on mayoralty claims have refused, having addressed questions to the head company. However the answer to inquiry „“ from Open Company “ PEAK - region “ at the moment of number delivery has not been received.