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Sergey Kibirev has left from court far away

Novosibirsk regional court recognised as lawful sanction delivery on arrest of the former general director of State Unitary Enterprise “ Fund of housing construction of the Novosibirsk region “ Sergey Kibireva accused of large swindle and abusing by powers. It also is put on the wanted list. According to acquaintances of mister Kibireva who was the candidate in mayors of Novosibirsk on elections of the town governor on March, 1st, 2009, that now is in Thailand and intend to address to the kingdom authorities c the request for granting to it of a political asylum.
yesterday the judicial board of Novosibirsk regional court recognised as lawful sanction delivery on Sergey Kibireva`s arrest. As have informed in the Main investigatory management (GSU) the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Novosibirsk region, abusing powers (item 201 of the criminal code of Russian Federation) which was expressed " is incriminated to mister Kibirevu; In illegal alienation to private persons of property of State Unitary Enterprise - 70 % of actions of Open Society „Novosibirsk regional agency of mortgage housing crediting“ “ (BUT AIZHK). Besides, accusation in large swindle (item 159) with belonging State Unitary Enterprises apartments is brought to it. In materials has put a damage put by Sergey Kibirevym to the state in the name of department of property and ground relations of regional administration, it is estimated not less than in 13 million rbl. the Preventive punishment to the accused had been selected a subscription about nevyezde. As have informed in GSU, to get acquainted with business and to receive the bill of particulars Kibirev has refused.

Sergey Kibirev was born in 1950. In 1994 has created in Novosibirsk corporation “ Peak of Systems “ engaged in building, trade of PETROLEUM PRODUCTS and the foodstuffs. In the middle of 90 - h years was engaged active political and public work. In 2001 - 2007 worked as the general director of State Unitary Enterprise “ Fund of housing construction of the Novosibirsk region “. After dismissal has held a post of the director for Open Company development “ the Regional mortgage broker of S.Ju.Vitte “. In 1997 - 2005 was the deputy of a Novosibirsk regional council. Took part in elections of the mayor of Novosibirsk three times. The best result has achieved in 2004 when has taken the third place (13,85 %). On elections of the mayor on March, 1st, 2009 it has appeared only the fourth with result of 6,6 %. During election campaign flayed the mayoralty led by Vladimir Gorodetsky who as a result has been selected for the third term. In April of last year 22 - languid business has arrived on consideration of the Central regional court of Novosibirsk. On May, 21st, 2008 on it preliminary hearings on which Sergey Kibirev was not should take place. As lawyer Sergey Puzakin, at this time its client has explained was in hospital. Unsuccessful there were some more attempts to carry out judicial hearings. On March, 27th this year under the petition of the Office of Public Prosecutor which representative has considered that Sergey Kibirev evades from an appearance, the court has in absentia changed accused a preventive punishment from a subscription about nevyezde to imprisonment. Simultaneously the court has put Kibireva on the wanted list.

in the appeal lawyer Puzakin asked to cancel the regional court decision. Objected to it state charge and representatives BUT AIZHK which have considered that the bases for decision cancellation about arrest are not present. Yesterday, having listened to the parties, the judicial board has considered conclusions of court of the first instance lawful and proved. As the board, Sergey Kibirev " has noted; without the permission of court has left a constant residence, than has broken the selected preventive punishment “ are absent in business and medical documents which could “ to testify about ekstrennosti departure and presence of the conditions menacing to his life and health “.

On a question of participants of judicial session where now there is its client, defender Puzakin only has made a helpless gesture. However, as acquaintance Kibireva Igor Lobarev earlier leading Novosibirsk branch of party " has informed; Civil force “ accused is abroad and “ they often call up “. According to mister Lobareva, after surgical operation which has been spent to mister Kibirevu in March in Barnaul, that has taken off for Thailand where plans to ask a political asylum. As informed in one of interview accused, “ business has purely political character “ also it has been initiated by the first persons of Novosibirsk regional administration after its criticism of actions of the regional and city authorities.