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The Novosibirsk authorities have measured depth of falling

Volume of investments into economy of the Novosibirsk region following the results of this year will make, according to the forecast of the authorities of region, nearby 65 mlrd the rbl. - almost is twice less, than in 2008. So deep falling will provide first of all development commercial real estate and some industries. However, analyzing the data of first four months, officials of regional administration predict in 2009 small growth in the industry and more appreciable - in agriculture. Experts agree that from agricultural industry it is necessary to wait for quite good results.
the total amount of investments into fixed capital in the Novosibirsk region for first four months of this year has made 14,5 mlrd rbl., and following the results of a year this indicator, predictably, will reach only 65 mlrd rbl. For comparison: in 2008 in economy of the Novosibirsk region it has been enclosed 122,5 mlrd rbl. Yesterday on it has informed journalists vitse - governor Vladimir Nikonov.

the Most considerable falling of investment activity has occurred in building sphere. From approximately ten large trading - the entertaining centres which building has already begun or should begin this year in Novosibirsk, really works are conducted today only on one object. Have stiffened at a stage of a foundation ditch of work on erection of four large office complexes of a class And. As a whole in the first quarter falling of volumes of civil work has made almost 35 % in comparison with the similar period of last year. Deep falling was tested also by some industries. For example, in metallurgy it has made 20 %.

However as it was found out, the situation in a number of branches has left to the authorities an occasion to some optimism. According to regional administration, the agriculture has shown for four months of this year a gain at a rate of 7,6 % in comparison with the same period of 2008, and the gain in manufacturing industry has appeared at level of 12,4 %. On the basis of this data mister Nikonov has assumed that as a whole the industry will finish this about a year growth (2,2 %), the agriculture will add 6 %. For small growth or the minimum falling hope in regional administration and in other branches, and only building hardly can exceed half of last year`s volumes.

judging by performance vitse - the governor, essentially new measures for counteraction from the regional authorities it is not expected to falling. The accent will become on traditional measures of stimulation of investment activity by granting of tax privileges and indemnification of a part of the credit rate. Last year for these measures it has been spent over 400 million rbl. One of the main projects who should involve this year considerable investment injections, should become industrially - logistical park around airport Tolmachevo. While any investor has not declared refusal though many, probably, will postpone the beginning of realisation of the projects - Vladimir Nikonov recognised. While works in this zone were started only by company PNK which plans to construct here the logistical terminal the area of 60 thousand in sq. m.

Operating partner DSO Consulting Sergey Djachkov considers forecasts of the regional authorities sober and realistic though hopes of officials of essential investments in industrially - logistical park can and not justify. According to mister Djachkova, the warehouse market of Novosibirsk is sufficiently sated by already realised projects. Reduction in demand for logistical services is predicted also by analyst UK finam Management Maxim Kljagin.

the Main reserve for growth, according to some experts, lies in agriculture and agricultural products processing. So, mister Kljagin marks sharp lifting in the Russian agricultural industry which is fixed in April, - 30 % by March of this year. the agrarian and industrial complex following the results of a year will show positive results that will be connected as with objectively low elasticity of demand, and, possibly, with a tendency to importozameshcheniju - the analyst is assured.