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The regional Duma has estimated a situation on the Volgograd water basin

On the past yesterday session of committee of the Saratov regional thought on agrarian questions consequences of sharp dump of water in the Volgograd water basin were discussed. Intensive falling of a water level to a mark of 14,09 m has caused drainage of spawning areas and  destruction of the postponed caviar. By estimation, the area will miss 3,5 - 4 thousand t some fish. Low level of spawning will cause sharp decrease in trade stocks on the nearest some years. Water level jumps will affect also forage reserve decrease, zarastanii and bogging of gulfs. In the report the director of the Saratov branch of the State scientific research institute of a lake, river fish economy Vladimir Shashulovsky has made recommendations about creation of a favorable hydrological mode and working out of the financial program. The minister of area - the chairman of committee of preservation of the environment and wildlife management Valery Belov has suggested to delegate Yury Zaigralova as the representative of region on this problem. The further consideration of a question will be taken over the control by the deputy of the State Duma, the committee-man on agrarian questions Alexander Solovev.