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The court of Germany recognised the Lisbon contract constitutional

the Lisbon contract, the new constitution of the European Union, has been recognised on June, 30th by corresponding to the constitution of Germany. Such decision was accepted the constitutional court of the country. At the same time the court has noticed that for ratification of the contract of Germany acceptance of the special federal law is required. Now the Lisbon contract simplifying procedure of decision-making in the European Union, is signed 23 - mja from 27 - and the countries.
the constitutional court of Germany recognised the Lisbon contract corresponding to the country organic law, however a number of procedures is necessary for its ratification. contract ratification by Germany is impossible without the legal basis regulating, according to the constitution, participation of parliament in this process - it is told in a court verdict. the decision can be summarised so: the constitution speaks yes To the Lisbon contract, but demands, that parliamentary participation has been registered at federal level - the judge has told. Thus it has expressed confidence that this last barrier to contract ratification will be overcome.

earlier the contract has been approved by parliament of Germany. Signing by its president of the country Horstom Kelerom has been postponed from - for complaints to discrepancy of the contract of the constitution of Germany.

for the introduction of the contract into force its ratification by all by 27 European Union countries is required. Now it was made by 23 countries. One year ago against contract ratification citizens of Ireland - the unique country which have given the decision of this question to a national referendum have voted. Irish want guarantees of that the contract will not compel them to change the relation to a military neutrality and to abortions. Repeated voting by the Lisbon contract will take place in October of current year. While the contract is not signed yet by the president of Poland Lehom Kachinsky, despite approval of the document by country parliament. Does not hurry up with ratification of the contract and the president of Czechia Vaclav Klaus who has declared that will sign its last - after Ireland, Germany and Poland. Besides, Klaus waits for a verdict of the constitutional court of the country.