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Readiness number two

on May, 12th last year, in five days after Dmitry Medvedev`s inauguration, in “ the Authorities “ answers of politicians and experts to a question have been published: “ Medvedev too will begin with war? “ to read them today it is entertaining enough.
Oleg Morozov, first deputy of chairman Gosdumy*:

- to Wait war with Georgia is the same what to wait for a boxing duel between Valuevym and Kirkorov! Georgia specially for us provokes, understanding that anybody will not offend their small country.

Alexander Tkachev, governor of Krasnodar territory:

- to Start war with Georgia when preparation for the Olympic Games in Sochi is started, will want unless the madman. Dmitry Anatolevich, thank God, in good health and a precise mind. And nerves at it as he has told recently, in a full order so no provocations will work.

George Shpak, in 2004 - 2008 the governor of the Ryazan region, the former commander-in-chief VDV:

- At any presidents the Russian and Georgian people will never be at war. And especially sensible foreign affairs specialist Lavrov will not admit military collision. I do not think that it is our armed forces in territory of Abkhazia force down the Georgian planes. At our government other plans.

Alexander Dugin, leader of the International Euroasian movement:

- we are close To war more than ever. Americans for this purpose also have planted Saakashvili to begin war. Another matter that it is not necessary to Medvedev. Nine years ago war had the clear purposes and has been justified by needs of a state security. New war will not be necessary to anybody, and Russia first of all, after all against us all world community will rise.

Alexander Prokhanov, writer, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper “ Tomorrow “:

- Medvedev does not have need to affirm by the military conflict. It is to Putin it was necessary to become the national hero against the Chechen war, Basayev`s intrusion into Dagestan, explosions of houses. And war with Georgia already goes - truth, not in classical sense, and decaying.

Andrey Vorobev, deputy head of fraction “ an United Russia “:

- war is not necessary to Anybody, in Russia - especially. We leave this situation peacefully.

Hizri Aldamov, head of the Chechen communities of Georgia, the former representative of the president of Ichkeria in Georgia:

- All goes to it. War will be. After all anybody did not believe that the USSR will break up that Russia two times will intrude in the Chechen Republic. Now Russia threatens Georgia because Georgia goes to the NATO and will not refuse this movement. And Medvedev is Putin`s continuation. It will do that to it Putin will tell.

Victor Ilyukhin, leader of Movement in support of army:

- Saakashvili itself will not admit war. He understands that defeat is inevitable that its authority will fall. I agree with experts that in the conflict of Georgia and Abkhazia the block of agents of national security showing the force to the new president is guilty more likely. Unfortunately, Medvedev hardly will go on a recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The political will will not suffice.

Boris Nadezhdin, secretary of federal political council of Union of Right Forces:

- I Doubt. Putin promised “ to wet in a toilet “ - wetted. And Medvedev promised human rights so hardly will wet. War now in general is necessary to nobody, and such decaying conflict is favourable both Georgia, and Russia. Saakashvili should support integrity of the country and show to voters that works in this direction are conducted. And here the conflict is necessary to warm up imperial moods.

Sergey Borisov, president of public organisation of small and average business “ the Support of Russia “:

- What war? The Russian authorities will manage to find diplomatic and public means that it not to admit. All understand that the small group of the Georgian politicians simply plays the ambitions.

*Äīėęķīńņč are specified in poll moment.