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Roar - a star

later 12 years after the previous visit to Moscow and 11 years after disintegration prominent representatives of American alternative fate Faith No More have gone to tour in which course have again called in to Russia. In the Moscow club 1. Maximum BORIS - DRUMS was convinced that anybody, comparable with this quintet, for years of silence Faith No More nearby and has not appeared.
Mike Patton has stepped on the stage in krovavo - a red suit on pair the sizes more than the, with a cane and a buttonhole in a jacket breast pocket. The dress was in harmony with a curtain replacing a back. Under the softest tool support it has started singing Reunited ( Again together ) - A cover - the version of a song of duet Peaches and Herb 1979 of the edition. Having kneaded in corresponding to representation surroundings krunerskom a genre, the group has quickly enough passed to the aggressive form, moving to a mode the best. And another also could not be - Faith No More have gathered anew exclusively for the sake of concert work, about new songs while is audible nothing. Only the lazy has not noticed that tour The Second Coming ( the Second coming ) First of all - earning money also that if not crisis, hardly fans would wait such happiness.

Mike Patton has given out all set of the vocal and scenic receptions. To it 41 year, but to its flexibility and endurance can envy twenty years`. He that tried to jump out of itself(himself) suddenly stiffened on kortochkah in a pose the guest worker in expectation of the chief . Its voice worked in a range from groulinga from the most gloomy a drink heavy metal before squeal and the bird`s shouts. Mister Patton constantly changed vocal colouring, twisting handles located before it on a device lectern, connected additional microphones, shouted in a megaphone. However, the range and readiness infinitely to experiment Mike Patton shows and in other projects, whether it be vanguard group Fantomas from which the singer acted in Moscow in the last arrival in 2005, or a recent soundtrack to a film Adrenaline - 2 . Much more interesting how it co-operates with other participants Faith No More.

It is known that mister Patton long disagreed on reunion Faith No More, and musicians of the broken up group could not talk among themselves for years. On a scene 1 he also did not show a special arrangement to the former colleagues though obviously took pleasure in a sound and public. Perhaps, unique who it interested, it is drummer Mike Bordin - Mike Patton hurried him in pauses between songs, loosened drum-type installation, and last half an hour concert in general has spent almost entirely a back to a hall - in any unknown dialogue with the colleague. Other musicians created thus a sound wave of an improbable saturation. Any put a hard - to fate of rituals like serial solirovanija - only teamwork for the overall picture blessing. But at the same time anybody in it was not lost. Roddi Bottum created by means of a unique synthesizer a grandiose epic background for a voice and guitars. John Hudson has not disappointed even those who considers as unique and irreplaceable guitarist Faith No More of Jim Martin whom in tour did not take, despite its requests. Bills Guld which were a producer when - that the Russian group Naivety more often others lifted in honour of present wine-glasses with vodka, but unique bass lines Faith No More did not suffer from it at all.

having sung Epic and We Care a Lot Faith No More have finished public to full exhaustion and delight. it is pleasant to see you, it is pleasant to smell you! - Mike Patton proclaimed. Besides that from the composite point of view music Faith No More is absolutely unpredictable also any Slipknot on intelligence it seems near to them Tender May mister Patton and its colleagues did not forget to throw a hall familiar themes, whether it be Popcorn known at us as prompt to transfer the Sport lotto or Time, forward! George Sviridov. Faith No More communicated with public much, and it was visible that Moscow for them - not simply point on the map of tours, to it not all the same as here all will pass. In the end Mike Patton has thrown for a shoulder of a wire and has tried to drag on a scene at once some monitors, and any other association, except Barge hauliers on Volga could not arise. But it was most touching its dialogue with the boy of years of five which has courageously held all concert on someone`s shoulders in a thick of an orchestra. Musicians Faith No More at first amicably applauded firmness young rokera, and then Mike Patton has published the firm roar and has not lagged behind the boy while that has not answered the same.