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the Front view from Adlona - on Pariser Platz and the Brandenburg gate (suites which numbers come to an end on 5, 6 and 7). In what a secret? You of special beauty in a landscape. A glass dome of Rejhstaga it is not visible. The park file of Tiergarden is covered with tourist buses. On Pariser Platz musicians with guitars are pounded. However - magic of a place, the history centre, the present heart of Berlin. Prussian, then German, then divided and united 20 years ago. At a kind in any operating times Adlona there were enough admirers: Thomas Mann, having stopped in Berlin on a way to Stockholm behind the Nobel Prize, lodged here. Any others, except angular rooms, even Albert Einstein did not consider. Greta Garbo whispered on the third floor: I want to be one (a film Grand Hotel removed in Adlone ) . Russian emperor Nikolay II, on - to family Niki, visiting the cousin of Kaiser Wilhelm II (on - to family Villi), informed on desire to live with a kind on Gate . And though this Villi was not refused by Niki.

Still five years ago the kind from windows was more brisk: through Gate the public transport went. Now, when building Dresdner Bank is finished, two embassies, American and French, and digging U - Bahn proceeds (the station will be called the Brandenburg gate also will open in 2011-), the management of Berlin has counted inexpedient presence in so historical place of transport. And here on Pariser Platz and Unter den Linden is more silent. Became more silent and paradnee in hotel. Those who always stopped in Adlone nod with grief: the pier, a part the European capital have transformed today the most live into a museum., However, it is necessary to consider as such museum and Adlon Whose destiny neither for one second, nor on one brick is inseparable from Berlin.

Adlon has opened on October, 24th, 1907 and has received a name in honour of Lorentz Adlona, the Berlin epicure, the owner and the inspirer of ultramodern construction. Adlon has enclosed in hotel the improbable sum - 20 million gold marks. After almost 90 years the hotel has demanded again money - 436 million dojchemarok. Where this sum has left, public has seen on August, 23rd, 1997, when Adlon it was again open in the presence of the federal president, mister Romana Hertsoga. More than fifty years Adlon, burnt out in April 1945 - go, stood empty, as a phantom on a threshold of East Berlin. Its restoration became obshchenemetskim business: more than 4 thousand private investors participated in the sum . A result: One of the best hotels of Europe (the list of awards would be stretched on Heine`s small volume), 382 rooms and suites (including 3 presidential numbers and 40 suites for long residing), a conference - a hall, a ballroom, spa, four restaurants, a tea room, a bar.

Berlin, as well as it Adlon, is meeting of dates. From the major the nearest - on November, 9th, 20 years from the date of falling of the Wall erected suddenly, in effect, for one night for August, 13th, 1961. Management Adlon has developed special package: round on the Wall rests, a dinner with five changes of dishes in Gourmet Restaurant Lorenz Adlon (a star Mishlen in 2008-) and the best spectator places on a night terrace - with a kind on great Brandenburg gate through which the history time and again entered.

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