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The inspector has borrowed from witnesses

Yesterday in Khabarovsk the sentence has been pronounced to the inspector of investigatory department (WITH) on Railway area of Khabarovsk of SOU SK at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across Khabarovsk territory to Evgenie Zinjatovu accused of swindle with use of office position, reception of a bribe and attempt at its reception. In spite of the fact that the defendant of the fault did not recognise and offered own version of an event, the court has sentenced Zinjatova to punishment in the form of imprisonment for 7,5 years in a high security colony.
in Khabarovsk regional court sentence announcement on criminal case concerning the inspector WITH on Railway area of SOU SK yesterday has ended at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across Khabarovsk territory. The employee WITH Evgenie Zinjatov was accused under item 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Swindle with use of office position ), item 290 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Reception by the official of a bribe and Attempt at bribe reception ) .

According to the investigation, in December, 2007 in manufacture business upon unknown disappearance habarovchanina Yury Kajkova has been transferred Zinjatovu. On January, 21st, 2008 the inspector has informed the witness on this business, the colleague gone, to Konstantin Starovojtovu that the management of Office of Public Prosecutor demands to take him into custody. Zinjatov has promised to the witness of it not to do, if that lends 100 thousand roubles. Soon Starovojtov has transferred to the inspector the requested sum.

in some days Zinjatov has met the brother gone Kajkova Denis. Complaining of the inconvenient financial position connected with purchase of apartment in St.-Petersburg, the inspector has demanded from it money in the sum of 400 thousand roubles. Thus Zinjatov threatened to stop business upon disappearance of the person. In the beginning of February, 2008 Kajkov has transferred Zinjatovu of 50 thousand roubles.

In two weeks the defendant has again met Kajkovym and Starovojtovym in one of the Khabarovsk cafes. Zinjatov has typed the sum necessary for it on the screen of the communicator and has shown to interlocutors. In exchange he promised to take all necessary measures on business disclosing. This meeting registered victims in the digital chamber, and conversation - on a dictophone. Later these records have been presented in court. On February, 22nd Zinjatov has received from Kajkova of 100 thousand roubles more then has been detained by employees UFSB the Russian Federation across Khabarovsk territory.

in court Zinjatov of the fault did not recognise and tried to prove that did not extort from victims of a bribe, and borrowed from them. On its versions, necessity of such loan was it is connected with the heavy financial position of the inspector caused by purchase of apartment in St.-Petersburg. Protection of the defendant also insisted that Kajkov and Starovojtov have transferred Zinjatovu money voluntary, and a reference to the court - a consequence of their negative attitude to a legal investigation course. Despite all arguments of protection, judge Anatoly Luzhbin has considered their unreasonable. To the defendant punishment in the form of imprisonment for a period of 7 years and 6 months of a high security has been taken out. Protection intends to appeal against sentence.