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You that from Obama would demand?

during a meeting of presidents of Russia and the USA Vladimir Putin let know that at them with George Bush friendly relations.

Sergey Stepashin, head Schetnoj палаты*. the Friend precisely would not name. And Putin - the person pragmatic: it as is, and has told.

Boris Nemtsov, member of political council of Union of Right Forces. the Odd fellow on a letter “ m “. Only it could incite the whole world against America, and only he can trust Putin.

Anatoly Artamonov, governor of the Kaluga region. Bush - a classical variant of the American president. He has tried to correspond as much as possible to spirit of the people which continues to consider itself above others.

Oleg Kulikov, deputy of the State Duma, the secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Bush - the dangerous contender with the big resources. At Bush cowboy`s character: force is - mind it is not necessary.

Gennady Voronin, president of the All-Russia organisation of quality . not so competent person with low indicator IQ. However, it has a strong team which helps it to make decisions.

George Petrov, vice-president TPP. it is exact not the friend: in the politician of friends is not present. Though it is assured, as Putin, and Bush each other understood well.

Victor Yerofeev, writer . the American president with the interest. Bush - the normal, made person, is simple we do not want to understand: all business in us - we are not able to carry on negotiations at all. Our offers are aggressive, and the West does not love aggression, therefore defends.

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