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Who has killed Michael Jackson

Survey and opening of a body of bottoms - absence of traumas and other traces of violence have shown an idol. Also results of toxicological tests are not ready yet, admirers of the singer guess that or who has sent it to the grave.
Michael Joseph Jackson`s death has been fixed at 14:26 local time on June, 25th in the medical centre of the Californian university. The official reason - cardiac arrest as a result of heart attack.

according to mass-media, death could provoke a cocktail from seven soothing, which king of bottoms - music used during rehearsals of forthcoming round.

some tabloids wrote that the actor has stopped to breathe after an injection opioidnogo soothing demerol. The prick was ostensibly made by doctor Konrad Mjurrej who has been specially invited by promoters for preparation of the actor for concerts.

the Lawyer of a family of Dzheksonov Bryan Oksman has declared that Michael was actually killed by promoters, forcing emaciated to rehearse strenuously illnesses of the actor within the limits of preparation for concerts in London.

the version about suicide is popular also. Whether the nurse of children of singer Sherilin admitted that Jackson and asked earlier from it strong anaesthetising medicines with words I want to fall asleep . Suspicions were strengthened by Jackie Chan`s actor: As Michael`s good friend, I think that the death became for it some kind of runaway .

On the Internet it is possible to meet assumptions that Michael Jackson simulated the death. On one of versions, the singer ran from the country, wishing to avoid payment of debts and to provide comfortable existence to itself and children: news about death should cause (and has caused) fantastic growth of sales of its albums and other production connected with it.

there are also more fantastic versions. According to one of them, Jackson actually has died some years ago, and all subsequent occurrences on public were carried out by doubles.

assumptions sound even that the Iranian president Mahmud of Al Ahmadi has taken a hand in Michael Jackson`s death - Nezhad who in such a way wanted to distract attention of the whole world from an event at it in the country.