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Dear edition!
I regularly read an analytical weekly journal - the Power . In one of the last issues (22 from June, 8th) my attention has involved at once some materials.

on p. 6 on a question of week you swear at neighbours? deputies, politicians, public figures and musicians answer. As well as it is necessary, you represent respondents, resulting all their regalia. Concerning Alexey Mitrofanova you write that it is a member of main board of party Fair Russia . And whether it is impossible to specify also along with this information, what mister Mitrofanov - the swindler whom the damage on hundred millions roubles parliamentary Liberally - democratic parties of Russia in due time has caused? I think, then to readers the true essence of mister Mitrofanova will be more clear.

Further, on p. 8 all in the same heading Question of week on a question you often quarrel in a family? the governor of the Tula area Vasily Starodubtsev answers. He asserts that it is true to the Soviet past and builds relations on principles sobornosti and religions . And whether for a long time Vasily Aleksandrovich has ceased to be the atheist and became believers? Why he has remembered religion and at what here the Soviet past? Still two decades ago communists were ardent opponents of Russian Orthodox Church. Vasily Aleksandrovich has started talking about friendship and sobornosti, probably, having forgotten about the bloody past - how communists filled in in a mouth to priests the fused lead as destroyed churches and destroyed icons.

and at last, on p. 15 the attention of a photo of mister Zyuganov which also is true to the Soviet, communistic ideals draws, but thus does not forget to visit church actions. The photo makes double impression. There is a sensation that Gennady Andreevich is not absolutely sober. And though it our political opponent, we ask not to publish in such solid edition, as - the Power similar photos. They discredit the person, touching its honour and advantage.

from edition. Dear sir Zhirinovsky! We give to due your sense of humour and we promise that henceforth photos of mister Zyuganov will make unequivocal impression. As to idea to expand Alexey Mitrofanova`s title page we have asked him to comment on this your offer. Here that mister Mitrofanov has told:

- Well it is possible to answer it? The pain does not pass. Even if in two years after my leaving from party such letters (and not laziness are written!) That it just shows, what role I played LDPR. Probably, I represented any value for party. Experiences even have not settled in due course. How many people left party, about them at once forgot, and here... But personally I treat Zhirinovsky kindly, what there told also whatever letters wrote. I consider as its outstanding politician. In 90 - e years of LDPR played a huge role, influenced a policy, including on the world. It is the fact which nobody can deny never. Simply there is time, there are other parties, other organisations, and they leave in the first echelon. Probably, the insult that people have left party in the first echelon here has served its purpose. However, on - chelovecheski to me this insult is clear. But I also perfectly remember, how in the beginning 90 - h years at congress one of delegates has told: we per lot will be lost! Zhirinovsky then has answered it: here you should not to tell it. They are communists learnt to perish per lot. The party is a public amateur organisation, and anybody for it should not to perish. This that place where people go to work. It is not pleasant - they leave for other work, and all. These words have caused squall of an applause. Then Zhirinovsky has told that he understands even those people who have come to party only from - that a staff - the apartment is near to their house. These words also have caused an applause. On this rhetoric Zhirinovsky came into a new civil society. Agree, attractively. And now considers that someone is obliged, speaks about any swindle. All it for insult. I did not write any letters, I do not write and I will not be, especially with requests as whom to name.

dear Musa Muradov!
I think, you are too persuasive. Exhaust and impose the lines of answers. Who to Vy Aushev? On you ? Has surprised, you - only the correspondent, what hundred thousand, and dare to become impudent simply before this person. It is at least ugly and unethical. It was impossible to constrain it at least for interview - such sharp and important? Yes let you and the relative to it. Ruslan Aushev, I think, much has constrained in myself during dialogue with you. It would be unpleasant to me to answer questions of such character and herein, but I will not equal myself with this person. Replace tone, Musa! The interview information interesting, but here not to intrigues. People perish.

from edition. Dear Vladimir! We hasten to calm you. Hardly Ruslan Aushev interview with which is published in last number the Authorities would suffer the reference on you if it seemed to it offensive. All the matter is that vajnahi among themselves always talk on you let even they see each other for the first time. Our correspondent Musa Muradov, the ethnic Chechen, interviewed Ramzana Kadyrov, at Murata Zjazikova, at Junus - beka Evkurova, at Isy Jamadaeva, at the same Ruslana Aushev. All these conversations also were conducted on you . Probably, to us followed specify in this feature in the material then you would not have questions.