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That remains from Michael Jackson

By different estimations, Michael Jackson has earned for the career of $600 - 700 million the most part from which has spent. Its inheritance will be divided between native and creditors.
According to the financial documents which have got to mass-media, dated 2007, the total cost of actives of Michael Jackson made $567,6 million, from them in the form of money - only $668,2 thousand Now estimations of actives of the singer reach $1 mlrd, but its inheritance is burdened by the considerable debts which total amount can reach $300 - 500 million Singer never watched expenditure. Tabloids informed that it could spend $6 million for one campaign on shops and has saved up $1 million penalties for delays of library books.

its largest active is 50 - a percentage share in company Sony/ ATV Music Publishing, owning the rights to 750 thousand songs of such known executors, as Beatles and Bob Dilan. The musical archive collects $140 million author`s deductions a year. Its cost, by expert estimations, makes about $2 billion Right to Michael Jackson`s songs belong to musical archive MiJac which the singer owns. Its cost is estimated in $100 - 150 million Exact sum of royalties received by Michael Jackson is unknown. According to experts, royalty from use of songs of bottoms - the king only outside of the USA make more than $1 million annually. The intellectual inheritance of the singer includes also the patent for the footwear, allowing to do an antigravitational inclination which Jackson showed time and again at the concerts.

other large active - estate Neverland in California, bought for $17 million in 1988. Now market cost of possession of the area of 11 sq. km in which territory the private zoo and park of attractions is located, is estimated in $90 - 100 million The singer owned it together with company Colony Capital LLC, exact distribution of shares is not known. $20 million More can be gained from sale of cars, antiques, jewelry and other things belonging to the singer. Among them - the gloves inlaid with crystals, the scenic suits, the gilt throne, a statue of the hero Star wars Dart Vejdera full-scale and many other things. They were already exposed on auction in April, 2009, however auction have cancelled. Successors will manage also a figurine Oscar for the best film of 1939 Carried away by a wind got its children 12 - summer Michael Joseph and 11 - summer Peris Michael Ketrin from the second wife Deborah Rowe, and also 7 - the summer Prins Michael II born by presumably substitute mother become Jackson at auction Sotheby ` s for $1,5 million

Successors of bottoms - the king. According to the will, guardianship over them receives 79 - summer mother of singer Ketrin Jackson. As it became known to mass-media, in the will of 2002 the singer has disposed to translate all condition in a family trust, benefitsiarom which mother also is named. If last cannot fulfil the duties, it pravopreemnitsej there is an old girlfriend of bottoms - the king singer Dajana Ross. Neither father Joseph Jackson, nor mother of its two children in the will are not mentioned.

it is not known and about, whether the singer bequeathed something to the chimpanzee of Babbls who named the best friend. 26 - the summer animal now is in monkey`s nursery in Florida.