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Sakhalin will be cemented DFO

by the Company “ Vajda “ (enters into Joint-Stock Company holding “ OrenBurg “) Owning by the licence for development of the Gomonsky deposit of limestone for Sakhalin, it was defined with a factory site on cement release in settlement Pobedino. Investments into building of the enterprise by capacity more than 1 million t in a year are estimated in $250 million to Compete for commodity markets to the new manufacturer it is necessary with the Chinese suppliers of cement on Far East territories.
in administration of the Sakhalin region has passed the meeting devoted to questions of building on island of cement works. The enterprise is planned to construct in settlement Pobedino (Smirnyhovsky area). “ By this time there public hearings are carried out, and the population has supported this idea “ - have informed yesterday in a press - regional administration service. Terms of realisation of the project there did not name. At the same time civil work can already begin next year. Realizovyvaet Open Company project “ Vajda “.

Open Company “ Vajda “ Which is included into Joint-Stock Company holding “ OrenBurg “ in 2007 has bought the licence ía working out of the Gomonsky deposit of limestone (stocks are estimated in 80 million) that near to settlement Quiet. Prospective commodity markets of cement production - Sakhalin, the Magadan area, the Kamchatka edge, and also the countries ATR. Planned capacity of factory - more than 1,1 million t cement. Expenses (plus the involved investments) in enterprise building will make means of Open Company $250 million

For the purpose of factory creation, speak in administration of the region, is planned to conclude the cooperation agreement between the authorities of Sakhalin and the company “ Vajda “ as there is a number of problems which accompany project realisation. So, at “ Vajdy “ there are no licences for deposits glin and opok in Nevelsky and Smirnyhovsky areas - minerals which are accompanying in technological process of manufacture of cement. There are also restrictions on an infrastructure - it is necessary to build railway approaches and to spend LEP. “ At session the decision to initiate carrying out of procedures of licensing of the given deposits was accepted, and also to work questions of building of a transport for factory transport and power infrastructure “ - have informed in a press - regional administration service.

to Contact the director of Open Company “ Vajda “ Andrey Lazarevym did not possible yesterday. At company office calls „“ answered that the head is at a business meeting.

now requirements of the Sakhalin builders for cement are estimated in 75 thousand t in a year. However, in regional administration predict the next years increase in volumes of building at the expense of habitation and input delivery in a system of large capital objects, such as a state district power station - 2.

As has told an informed circle, till 2008 the group " was the basic supplier of cement production on island; Eurocement “ however after a raising of the prices for it the majority of consumers, an order of 95 %, were switched to the Chinese manufacturers. The Chinese production arrives by sea in ports Holmsk and Korsakov. Besides, small parties of cement arrive by rail from Teploozersky cement works (EAO) through a ferry line Vanino-Holmsk.

participants of the market are not assured that the cement which is let out in Pobedino, will be cheaper, rather than at other Far East manufacturers, in particular Spassky and Teploozersky factories. “ be it three times Sakhalin but if cement appears more expensively, anybody it will not take “ - have declared in one of the companies.

general director NP “ Sahalinstroj “ (unites more than 120 civil engineering firms. - „“) Valery Mozolevsky has noticed what to speak about prospects of sale of the Sakhalin cement on continent difficult as a cost of transportation on its delivery there it is less, than on island. “ Besides, on Sakhalin there is no specialised terminal where shipment would be carried out, to carry cement in containers even more expensively “ - he has told.