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The agreement on Nabucco will be signed on July, 13th in Turkey

the Intergovernmental agreement under project Nabucco providing deliveries of natural gas from pool of Caspian sea to Europe bypassing Russia, will be signed in Ankara on July, 13th.
the Minister of Economics of Romania has informed on it on July, 3rd Adrijan Vidjanu during the visit to Azerbaijan. the intergovernmental agreement on Nabucco will be signed on July, 13th in Turkey - mister Vidjanu has told. Turkish mass-media informed earlier that the agreement under the project was initially planned to sign in Ankara on June, 25th, but then date of signing of the document have transferred for July, 15th. One of these days in a Turkish press there was an information that agreement signing can be postponed from - for nereshennosti problems of filling of the Transcaspian gas pipeline gas. Among the problems, braking document signing, was called also that circumstance that Turkey which does not have large supplies of hydrocarbons, wants to receive 15 % from total amount of transported gas for its internal use or re-export. According to the Romanian minister, 15 - the percentage question is solved . As far as I know, it is settled, but details are unknown to me - quotes mister Vidjanu of RIA News .