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Experiences with a floor

the Company Kaleo trading in film heat-insulated floors, till now developed business basically in regions. Its heads have decided to be engaged in the capital market. Readers have offered the companies various ways of a gain of Moscow.

a problem
the Moscow company Kaleo - the exclusive distributor of Korean factory DYS Technology Co., Ltd. In 2006 it has brought essentially new technology of heating and one of the first to Russia has started to trade in film heat-insulated floors under mark Caleo.

Own roznitsy at Kaleo no, sales go through a network of distributors and dealers which leave on retail shops and the building organisations in 80 regional cities. In Moscow Kaleo practically it is not presented. In capital of 80 % of systems of a heat-insulated floor is on sale through the local building markets, experience with which at Kaleo no. Top - managers face a choice - to take in staff of sales representatives or to search for dealers.

in work through sales representatives there is doubtless plus - possibility to supervise a situation in retail points. But also it is a lot of difficulties. So, to a management Kaleo it is necessary to put own means in development of sales. By estimates of the company, the regular sales representative will manage approximately in 50 thousand rbl. monthly taking into account the bonus. Such employees on all Moscow points it is required not less than ten. But the basic problem - it is necessary to grant to points the commodity loan and a payment delay.

in the company while tend to other variant - to involve businessmen who will redeem consignments of goods and independently to work with retail points. Thus, risks Kaleo decrease. Partners finance the business and watch sales. At the same time this variant is economically less favourable to the company as the profit part will settle in a pocket of partners.

to co-operate with Kaleo can not only the dealers having communications in the markets of Moscow, but also beginners in this business. According to the general director Kaleo Svetlanas Antonovoj, the best regional partners left just from among those who mastered sales of heat-insulated floors from zero.

However, the company lays down to potential distributors one more condition: to redeem production not less than on 500 thousand rbl. According to plan of heads Kaleo to inspire potential partners should a decent margin (50 - 70 %) and a guarantee of return of not sold production after three months.

the company has placed on two weeks the information on search of independent distributors on the site, and also on resources on business sale. But inflow of partners has not occurred.

What way is better for choosing to Svetlana Antonovoj - to count on regular sellers or to continue to search for the businessmen, ready to make on mark Caleo own business? Whom and how to involve as partners? How it is better to operate not to incur superfluous risks when the goods can hang in a retail point? These questions have been brought for discussion in Bank of decisions - the joint project Council of Federation and communities of managers E - xecutive. ru. From the received 28 decisions judges have selected five best and one worst.

the author of a problem
Svetlana Antonova, the general director Kaleo :

- Many readers suggested to use two channels of sales simultaneously - directly and through intermediaries, I have more to liking the variants based on one idea. At parallel development of both channels we start to compete to own distributors.

Egor Shienkov, one of the few who has absolutely fairly noticed that the distributor can not want to compete to the regular representative of the company - the supplier in one market. He has suggested to use this or that variant depending on the planned sales volume and possibilities of potential partners. If we are assured that our goods will leave in great demand, and we plan great volumes probably and there is no sense in work through intermediaries.

most of all I liked idea of Kateriny Filatovoj. She has not simply advised to work without intermediaries, but also has prompted, as it to make. It is necessary to open own wholesale warehouses in the basic building markets as 80 % of sales of heat-insulated floors in Moscow are carried out in the markets. Similar ideas were stated by many readers, but Katerina has most full analysed all pluses and minuses of such decision. Though we also begin to bear expenses for warehouse service, but we can increase oborachivaemost the goods and marzhinalnost sales at the expense of absence of an intermediate link. And retail sellers will be relieved of risks on goods storage. We will necessarily think over this council.

the interesting idea was stated by Evgenie Nakonechnyj - to count on own staff from the best managers on sales, having created academy of businessmen and having allowed them to open the dealer business further. But I yet very much represent how to realise it.

Irina Vinnikova also has suggested useful thought - to involve in staff of the company of agents on sales with ready client base and to pay in it a salary. This idea can be considered as work with the regular distributor without profit loss. Also she recommended to develop the client base for what to count on own representatives as work through intermediaries in this case is inefficient.

an expert
the Novel of Senators, the manager on development of business of cable systems of heating Devi of company Danfoss:

- I very much liked Feodor Mogutnova`s idea - to allocate separate managers for each of trade channels (DIY, the wholesale markets, dealers - they can work under the franchise). But for Kaleo which already is present at Moscow in shops DIY, and now searches for exit ways on the building markets, there is no sense to work through distributors. The best variant - to develop direct sales.

I consider perspective offers of readers to open wholesale warehouses in the main building markets of Moscow. However, is here and the slippery moment - absence kompetentsy, necessary for work in the open markets, as in regions Kaleo works through distributors.

interesting system of the organisation of a network of own sales representatives Dmitry Djachkov has suggested - to employ agents without a salary. In its opinion, in the market now weight of the jobless free agents, ready to work for small percent from sales. An interesting course in this decision - to collect at people the information on with whom they carried on negotiations, thus forming own client base.

Andrey Kajgorodtsev has suggested to create system of the exclusive sales representatives working in staff of the dealer. As large dealers co-operate, as a rule, with set of brands, they do not concentrate on sale of the certain goods. Own sales representative on the basis of the dealer will solve this problem, and Kaleo can supervise a situation completely. This decision is interesting and from the point of view of economy - it to 30 % will cut down expenses on creation of staff of own sales representatives.

In a correct direction Igor Bojchuk thinks - he has suggested to consider a film floor from Kaleo as addition to the basic cable heat-insulated floor to reveal all companies trading in cable floors in Moscow, and to suggest them to co-operate. Experts of these companies have a necessary set kompetentsy, but there is also an obstacle - quite often manufacturers of the same kind of production persistently recommend to the dealers not to sell the goods of competitors. Sergey Schetinin`s idea - to involve in cooperation of agents of other companies delivering to wholesale warehouses in the markets the adjacent goods with heat-insulated floors, for example electrical household appliances is interesting. It is easily possible to calculate those who is engaged market brokerstvom, but, on the other hand, the sales volume at this way hardly will be big.

the adviser
Dmitry Kuznetsov, the leading adviser of consulting company Real Work Management:

- The Kremlin tablet helping to solve all problems, at authors of decisions to create it has not turned out. But practically in every second council to contain ideas, which Kaleo it is necessary to add to the arsenal.

for example, Dmitry Zemskova`s idea to investigate the market of house repairs and to work with small building brigades, having told it about simplicity of installation of heat-insulated floors from Kaleo and possibilities to earn: in this case brigades will advance company production. But today it is difficult to collect a representative database so it is idea of the future.

I will note also Valentine Shevalsky`s idea - to pay extra to the companies - to partners that they will recommend heat-insulated floors from Kaleo . - bonuses it is easily possible to pay such retro to owners of retail points who will be motivirovany on sale of floors Kaleo .

Predlozhenija Romana Kornienko do not contain especial innovations, but in them the approximate analysis of financial efficiency of various methods of advancement and the good analysis of the Moscow market which for certain is useful " is given; Kaleo .

Svetlana Gavrilenko has suggested to work with retail directly, having divided thus retail partners into conditional categories A, In and With depending on volume of purchases. In this case partners with small volumes of purchases (a category it is possible to redirect gradually to more successful sellers. Thus, large retail partners will have new clients, and regular sales representatives Kaleo will save the time.

I will note also Andrey Kajgorodtseva`s idea to introduce the representatives in staff of dealers, in my practice it is a lot of examples when the companies go on it. Dealers willingly agree on similar offers as can receive from the supplier of a product additional bonuses.

Authors of the most interesting decisions