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Genetic selection

to Survive during crisis - means not only to reduce the personnel and to cut down salaries. It is important to keep the personnel genofund that then when time will come, the company could increase human potential quickly.

in the end of the last year we have given in to a panic and have reduced too many people. Now here we type again - have not understood, who is really necessary, and without whom it is possible to manage - the employee of large trading firm tells. Unlike this company, in investment group the Absolute have decided to keep despite of crisis the personnel genofund.

absolutely without dismissals, of course, has not managed - group management companies the Absolute have reduced 20 - 25 % of the personnel as it was necessary to freeze some projects (basically developer). We left not a ballast, and with professionals - regrets HR - the director the Absolute Tatyana Klimentyev. But if there is no possibility to leave skilled people why not to keep with them good relations and chances of cooperation in the future? With that end in view HR - employees the Absolute were engaged autplejsmentom - so name the help dismissed in search of new work.

Ejchary the Absolute have spent some trainings for reduced employees. to us told, where and how to search for work, have given lists of sites with vacancies, have helped to make the resume. The information has appeared very useful - Andrey Belov who headed in the developer company of group " earlier remembers; the Absolute one of managements, and supervises now over department in Strojtehinveste . Trainers shared also professional subtleties: as personnel officers estimate candidates whom types of interviews happen and as to them to be prepared. Trainings enjoyed wide popularity - on them asked the permission to come even those employees who remained in the company - tells Klimentyev.

HR - managers and searched for work for leaving people, dispatched their resume to other companies with the recommendations. Efforts have justified - almost all dismissed employees the Absolute (about hundred persons) today have found new work.

on it work with were has not ended - with them support contacts, invite to corporate actions and even on trainings. For example, when in the company started new training on training to administrative skills ran in it on were to mutual pleasure. As a result many natives from the Absolute are ready to return, if them will call.

motivation without money
As well as many other companies, group the Absolute Has cut expenses in all respects works with the personnel, however salaries of employees have decided not to cut down. Instead a part of divisions have translated for incomplete working week (at preservation of a five-day operating mode of the company). It has allowed to reduce 20 % of the budget of fund of payment and not to cause discontent of the personnel. such measure is fair, - Tatyana Klimentyev is convinced. - on the one hand, reduction of incomes. With another, people obtain compensation - superfluous day of rest which can be spent for itself, on a family, on podrabotku .

It was necessary to reflect seriously and on non-material motivation. the great bulk of heads stays in illusion that against reductions people will keep for the places and will start to work better. But such does not occur - depression infects all. During this moment it is very important to support working capacity of the personnel - argues Klimentyev.

So, in February to the companies for the first time have spent rewarding of the best employees and the best division 2008 (earlier basically encouraged with bonuses). Have arranged a holiday, have told about achievements of winners and have handed over them symbolical asterisks. Action has received good responses, and now him have decided to spend annually.

Besides, in the spring to employees have suggested to assist children from children`s homes. By the way, in group the Absolute the welfare fund operates, but employees of the company did not participate in its work. They have willingly responded to appeal HR - services, have raised money and things, now plan to have a sports holiday for children. it is the best timbilding, - the director for the group personnel " speaks; the Absolute . - People distract from the problems and help those to whom is even worse. It overturns a world picture .

the Operating partner of company RqLab Pavel Bukov offers also other ways of non-material motivation in the conditions of crisis. So, it is important to underline the importance of the remained employees, to inform them on company strategy, about its plans concerning concrete projects - definiteness and participation are necessary to people. I know the company which has reduced budgets to corporate actions, and with employees have agreed so - the premise and alcohol are paid by the employer, and people bring meal. Employees with pleasure were connected, even try to surprise colleagues the culinary abilities - tells Beeches.

last hero
Planning personnel selection in a crisis situation, it is impossible to approach to all people equally - one need to be kept, others - to keep and develop, the third - are rational for using. When the budget is limited, it is important to give the basic attention to carriers key genes .

Before recent time in the company only intuitively assumed, who is key employees, now have decided to estimate them more thoroughly, using the factorial analysis.

as the cores took three factors - corporationism, professionalism and productivity. Separately it was not necessary to measure them - the data was useful according to the personnel for 2007 and 2008 (results of work and an estimation on kompetentsijam). To understand, how much results of the person were stable from year to year, have entered correcting factor.

but three major factors for personnel differentiation it seemed insufficiently, therefore the company used three additional: universality (ability of the employee to carry out adjacent functions), interchangeability (possibility of fast and adequate replacement of the expert) and uniqueness (individual possession the unique information which the company would not like to lose). Under these factors (on a three-level scale) employees were judged by the immediate superior, and in case of heads resorted to expert poll a top - managers. Councillors of directors of group the Absolute could correct a total point of each employee by means of special factor of value.

as a result of HR - managers have received five categories of the personnel (the schedule see) and have developed strategy of actions concerning each of them. So, some tens persons (9,1 % of the personnel) have got to group A - a company kernel, its carriers genoma experts of rare qualification and experience. To keep these people, with them will conclude individual contracts with the fixed conditions, up to gold parachutes .

Group B it has appeared the most numerous (43,3 %) - skilled professionals here have entered. The company will aim the basic programs at this category on training and development. Besides, it will partially pay external training actions. At last, in case of crisis strengthening these people will receive the right of priority to remain in the company.

experts of mass qualification have got to group C (22,7 %) is quite zamenimye hands . If the situation in the market worsens, them, probably, it is necessary to offer, but with payment of indemnification and rendering assistance in employment. With categories D and E (beginners and dekretnitsy ) All is easier - as soon as possible their work will estimate, and then will carry people to one of the basic groups.

results of an estimation are necessary not to reveal a ballast, - we always cut it operatively. It is important that now if necessary we can press down the company to very small genoma having kept all volume of knowledge and skills. And then again to be developed in the shortest terms - Tatyana Klimentyev speaks. personnel differentiation - very important thing if to approach to it osoznanno, - the senior partner of the company " agrees; Training - a boutique Mark Kukushkin. - When the budget is minimum, money puts only in very narrow group of employees. And for this purpose it is necessary to understand accurately who from them is key .

it is possible, if the companies learn to spend a similar estimation not only to crisis, but also in a peace time hardly they will face warps in the personnel selection. Especially at dismissals.